Allstate Tag-a-long Sears, Roebuck & Company (Allstate) "Tag-a-long"

Sears, Roebuck and Company sold many products under the Allstate name, one of which was the 1-wheel trailer. So far at least 4 different models of the Sears (Allstate) trailers have been discovered. The most popular model is affectionately known as the "Tag-a-Long" single wheel trailer. Sears also sold a less popular trailer with a wood box and a metal frame using what appears to be the same frame and wheel assembly. See them here.  The frame, body and wheel assembly of the third trailer are completely different from the other two Sears models. As there are quite a few examples and they are quite different than the other two versions it was decided to create a new page for them. See them here. The "Tag-a-Long" and the wood box trailers were sold as having a 1/4 ton hauling capacity and many other features outlined in the vintage catalog pages. Take a look at the Vintage literature and read the description given on the various Sears Catalog adds. The dates of manufacturing are fairly unclear and an exact date may never really be known, but I have heard of a late '40's frame and know they were sold through the '60's. There is also a bit of controversy that these trailers may have been manufactured by a company in Canada and sold by Sears and Dunbar Kapple. This is one of the most popular single wheel trailers, yet I still have very limited information and would love to know more. If you have any info or literature or pictures of your Allstate send them to .


From what we understand there is supposed to be a hard felt or grease injected plastic wafer. One of our wheel assemblies had this wafer and it is about 1/8 inch thick. Hope that helps.
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Found this on Ebay: Vw Bug Bus allstate single Wheel trailer. Allstate trailer with bows and cover trailer is rust free and the cleanest unrestored trailer you will ever find. Rear light is broke and cover is dry routed and would make a good templet to remake new one. Trailer has been brush painted but is rust free.
Found this on Craigslist: 1950's Allstate Single Wheel Trailer - A late 50's Allstate Single Wheel Trailer sold by Sears Roebuck and Company. Let the photos tell the story, it needs restoration. It has one large hole in the passenger rear corner about 2 inch in diameter. It also has some small pencil size rust through spots in the corners. The are pin hole size rust throughs under the bed, on the sides from when it must have been stored outside upside down. The mounting bolts swing free and the wheel assembly turns easily and the wheel spins fine.
Here is a trailer that was given to me. It was in my neighbors back yard woods. Thanks Fred
1956 sears allstate - It was found in a yard in CA over 10 years ago and picked up for $50. My ex husband did an amazing job lovingly restoring it. I no longer have my 1967 split window camper (boo hoo), and would like the trailer to go to someone who will love it. The good: As you can see from the photo, the trailer is in good, working condition. The bad: the rear end has a bend/crack in it. There is only surface rust. Unfortunately, I had to store it out in the weather for the last 2 years, and some of the paint has chipped off. We used it a couple of years ago in our local parade with VVWCA, my kids had a great time riding in it snapping photos of the parade attendees.
Hi, Just hoping to get a bit of info from you about my trailer I bought. It has a serial number tag on it, but it looks a bit different from the ones I can find on your site. I have attached a picture of it, hopefully you can help me figure it out. It reads: 2 ? 1 96360, then number: E8202. Do you know what these mean? Any help will be great. Thanks, Daniel.
I bought this trailer a few days ago at an auction. It is in very good shape. No rust, has a heavy coating of oil as undercoating on the underside. Tag reads: sold only by Sears Roebuck and company
1960 Allstate Single Wheel Trailer - I have a 1960´s AllState (Sears) single wheel trailer, with aluminum rim, new tire and tube, painted yellow and white. The bed and body are in excellent shape, clean, own owner. Attached are several pictures. Warm regards, Brent Minnick
Found this on 74´ Thing Show Car with One-Wheel Trailer It is a 1940's All-State (frame) with New Tire and Tube. I have it wired with VW Back-up Lights with LED Bulbs for Turn Signals, and a Single Light for the Running and Brake Light. Can't even feel it back there! It follows you everywhere!!
Found this on Sears Allstate One Wheel Trailer - Antique trailer that bolts to your bumper and pivots on one wheel when you turn. It will look excellent painted to match your custom, rat rod, project or classic car. I bought it to tow behind my 57 Ford but ended up selling it first. It is very rare. It may be from the 40s or 50s.
Found this on this is the worst condition I've seen an Allstate one wheel trailer in, but it sure looks right at home behind the rusty bug
Found this on 1956 Vintage Single Wheel Allstate trailer: Up for auction is my 1956 Sears All State Single wheel trailer. I used this behind my 1967 split screen VW camper bus. It was pulled out of a yard in CA about 10 years ago, and my ex did an amazing restoration on it. I nolonger have a bus, and would love to see it behind another vintage vehicle. It is ultralight, and you don´t even know that it is back there. As you can see in the photos it is Sears Allstate model #231-963 serial number 014. There are a few of these at VW and other car shows. As I said, this one is set up to be pulled behind an air cooled VW bus (van), but can be easily mounted to many different vehicles. The single wheel swivels and the trailer is stationary at the back of the vehicle. This trailer is in working condition, but does show signs of use. I have had to store it outdoors the last two years, and even the mild CA winter took it´s toll on the paint (see photos) The photos show all of the surface rust, as well as the "bend" in the metal at the back.
Found this on 1966 Westfalia Camper. Restored correct in almost all respects except shortened 2 feet professionally. The rear side cargo door was removed. Shortened side step and Wood slate roof rack to match the bus. Correct medium Green color. Late 50's Allstate trailer painted to match. Very cool looking. Runs and drives perfectly. Steering was modified to feel proper. It does not steer quickly and is very stable on the road. 1600 engine with 12 volt electrical conversion. Camper kit bed works but is obviously missing the ice box and rear facing seat. The rear of the bulkhead wall was painted like a double cab. Gary LaVere, LaVere's VW Restoration
My buddy from Randar Wheels, found yet another single wheel trailer. This actually had 2 trees growing around the trailer, and the had to be pryed out of the spot it had been resting for years.
Found this on Craigslist - 1960 Corvair w/trailer - Show ready. Trophy winner. Has matching one-wheel trailer. Automatic, original engine, 140. Factory installed gas heater.
Nice web site! I recently picked up a Allstate one wheel trailer. Originally registered in 1959 according to the "pink" slip. Serial No. E1963 I own a couple of Jeep Cherokees and it really doesn't work with a high clearance 4x4. Attached are a few photos, I have more and you have my permission to publish them. Original paint looks like it was covered with house paint in the past. Original Calif. license. No extra light mounting holes in body. No rust through in the body. "Unique" (I haven't seen another) sheet metal cover with rolled edges for fit, a piano hinge in front and clamps in back and sides. Cover has a few small rust through holes. Mike Ryan
Found this on Craigslist: vintage allstate trailer - for sale 1960's allstate trailer sold buy title. has original california black plate new tires and tubes. original mounting brackets that mount from trailer to rear bumper.
Found this on The, but don't have the ad to go along with it.
This is a 1956 or 57 allstate trailer, it is in good shape and appears to have been resprayed at some point during its life. I am including all of the pictures that I have of the trailer at this time, but more pictures can be posted on request. The tires on the front of the trailer are for convenience in moving only and are easily removeable.
Found on ebay: 1950's Allstate single wheel trailer,it has both bumper mounts that fit a VW Bug. The trailer had been restored and has a new tire and bearings. New wiring and a model T brake light,and turn signals. My wife bought it for me it was fun and turned alot of heads but just not my style so it has to go, the body is in great shape except for about the last 8 inches on the left side on the bottom it is very fixable but I want it gone.
Found this on ebay: Here's a vintage Allstate single-wheeled trailer that has been in my family since new. This trailer was bought to be towed by a 1955 T-bird shortly after the car was bought in late 1955 (I'm using this information to date the trailer as 1956, it could actually be 1955 or 1957) The trailer was last licensed in 1960 (license plate not included) and has hung in the garage for the last 50 years. The trailer was painted to match the car 50+ years ago. There is minor surface rust with no rust through and minor dings, but the trailer is otherwise in very nice shape. All the attaching hardware is original, as is the Allstate tire. Included is the original canvas cover from the Sears and Roebuck catalog from 1955. This canvas cover has no rips or tears and the straps and buckles and hooks are still in perfect working order. The canvas is understandably dirty and has mold or mildew stains which I have not attempted to remove. I can't imagine how many of these canvas covers are left in the world, but this one would make an extremely rare addition to an already rare piece of americana (not to mention a great pattern to recover what remains of these cool old trailers.)
Found this on Ebay: West Coast Classics are proud to present an absolutely exceptional and beautiful example of this original southern California rust free 1965 VOLKSWAGEN KOMBI VAN (German - 'Kombination'... - both passenger and cargo van combined with removable passenger seats) with a newly rebuilt 2180 cc engine, original 4 speed VW transmission, 120 Cam, 44mm original Webers, 11 windows, a front split window and rare front and rear Safari windows, running boards, 'Empi' steps, wooden roof rack with Picnic hamper and thermos included and a rare matching color single wheel 'Allstate' trailer! Lovingly owned for many years by fastiduous 'beatnic' owners! This particular VW Bus must be seen and driven to be fully appreciated - the 2180 cc engine is extremely strong, fast and responsive with excellent oil pressure and no oil leaks and which sounds absolutely magnificent, the 4 speed transmission shifts smoothly through the gears, the van brakes great and the engine temperature always remains cool and the bus was recently serviced at the renown 'Laynes Westside Volkswagen', VW specialists of Santa Monica, California. The van has very striking nice two-tone Tomato Red and White color paint and a gorgeous gray and white color interior. The bus won 'Best of Show' for VW Buses in October 2010 at the prestigious 'Las Vegas VW's on the Strip' show and 'Best of Paint' 1st Place at 'Bugorama' in 2008. This must be one of the finest daily driving example's available of this highly collectible and increasingly desirable 1965 split-window Kombi-van - an original southern California example with no rust in rare turn-key ready daily appreciating, daily driving and daily head-turning condition of an all time classic and legendary VW van!
Found this on TheSamba: Selling my 1955 yellow and white Volkswagen Bug ragtop, semaphores. This Volkswagen bug has won several car events and has appeared on the cover of numerous car magazines. The engine is a 1915cc with dual 44 webers all chromed out with german colors on fire wall. The engine case is polished. front susp. narrowed front beam 7 inches, all chrome. It has 15 inch boyd cottington wheels and the rear suspension is all chromed. The transmission is all polished with boyd cottington 17 inch wheels. The interior shows off the german colors with vinyl and tweed, custom seats, tv, stereo pan. 2 jl 12" speakers, orion xtr amps one 1250, and one 450. The trailer is a one wheel trailer with all parts chromed, allstate from england sold by sears and we put semaphores in the trailer. The Odometer is stuck at 69 miles but has a new motor with less than 1000 miles on it. You can message me with any questions and I'll reply as soon as possible.

The first picture was taken from The rest were from various VW shows including the Classic. I don't remember the owners name, but notice the Semaphores.

Hi..... my english is not very good,but I try to write you. thank you for your website, nice reference to restore my trailer,... I bought my trailer one "THE SAMBA" in connecticut I send you some picture, before , after the resto, and the bar that I built. I saw a one on your web, I add ,weld , a stopper on it. see the pict. Québec , Canada thanks you, best regard, yannick.
Found this on Ebay. VW one-wheel trailer, late 1950s, excellent condition. Late 1950s VW one-wheel trailer. No damage. Will fit all VW bugs or busses. New bearings. Complete. Dimensions 42 inches wide, 70 inches long, 34 inches high. Approx. 175 lbs.
Sent by Ken Lane. I found this trailer out in the woods on my sons property in Nebraska. I am retired,after doing 47 years as a combination tech. Is information available as to how this unit was painted originally. I turned the wheel easily and I believe the tire still holds air. I have repaired 20,000 vehicles(by average) in my work history. I am looking forward to bringing this back to a new existence!. The last three pics are his tow vehicle options.
Found this on Ebay: 1957 Volkswagen Beetle Oval Window Rag-Top Mild California Custom & 1955 Allstate single wheel trailer. The trailer is a 1955 Allstate single wheel trailer. Interesting enough they were sold at Sears Roebuck & co. in the mid 50's. The frame & all the hardware were sandblasted & powder-coated. I replaced the single wheel with a custom 8" wheel & tire to match the wheels on the car better. However, the original 16" Allstate wheel & new tire are included as well. The canvas top was added to match the rag-top on the car. The paint is the same Platinum color as the car. There is one very small scratch on the back of the trailer (wouldn't show up in the photos) & some of the paint around the semaphore on the passenger side lifted (picture included). I'm sure both could be airbrushed to perfection. The pictures don't do the car justice.
Not sure where these came from, but I have them in my files.
Found this on classified page. Three Allstate One-wheel trailers. These are three one-wheel trailers, two are in good shape. The other is a frame. The tan trailer was restored about ten years ago, it has a little rust thru in the corner of the bed area, but thats it. The previous owner said he had it sandblasted before restoring it. All lights are wired for "hook-up & go". The second green trailer has been painted multiple times but still able to see the og Blue paint. It appears to have no rust thru but only lite surface rust on the floor. It's wired for lights, but tail-lights need to be replaced. This trailer is a frame set-up has everything but the box. complete with wheel hub and an old tire.
You have a great page. I came across this single wheel trailer. I think from looking at your page its an Allstate. Also how would I go about hooking it up to my classic car? Are special brackets needed? Im a welder so that wouldnt be a problem if so. Mikey
Found this on Ebay: Beautifully restored 1966 MGB Roadster with matching trailer. This is one of the nicest MGBs in the US. Restored in the late 90's with all new steel parts including floors, sills, and lower rear fenders. Beautiful black acrylic enamel paint with dark red vinyl racing stripes. Trailer tows beautifully. Trailer specifications: Late 50's all metal Allstate single wheel trailer converted to two wheels with motorcycle trailer suspension and custom aluminum frame plate. Chrome motorcycle swivel tongue with flip-down stand and integrated safety chains. Chrome wire wheel covers with MG logos. Acrylic enamel paint. BSA motorcycle rear stop light. Union Jack plate and rare Allstate decal. Harley Davidson amber turn signal lights. Custom vinyl Dark Red snap on cover with wood bows.
Outstanding website. I came across it while trying to research the Allstate single wheel trailer we have had in the family since 1957. I will be filling out the registration very soon and will follow up with pictures of the trailer - then (1957) and now. The Now is sad looking. We stopped using the trailer after 1980 and was left to rust in the back yard. The body is pitted but the floor pan is very rusted and has pulled away from the interior body. The chassis is in good condition. My question is - where can I purchase a new floor pan to replace the rusted out original? As we were an Air Force family that trailer has seen the enire country and holds a lot of family memories. I'm collecting my pictures of the trailer to send you as she was used in the 50s and 60s - as she looks now and the of the restoration. For 2007 my brother and I will be starting the restoration process. We are currently documenting the fool out of it - photos, measurements, paint samples, etc. After that we will begin to dismantle the trailer. We think we found a compitent metal fabricator locally who can replicate the rusted out floor pan. I've attached a photo of how she looked in 1959 behind our 1957 Ford Country Sedan. Dad purchased the trailer from Sears in 1957 (same year he bought the '57 station wagon). He painted the trailer the two-tone gray to match the wagon. Being an Air Force family, we used the heck out it moving to all compass points in the U.S. until 1980 when he retired. She sat in protected storage until they moved to Dallas in 1981. He transferred the trailer to me. Unfortunately I couldn't provide her a shelter to keep it protected. The wood extensions he added to the top (to add load volume) rotted away in the late 1980s. The floor pan is barely holding on to the inside. The sheet metal on the rear end of the left rear has a nice buckle to it, that will need to be pounded out. If I may, I'd like to forward our progress as we 'roll' along on this family project on our family single wheel trailer. Buck Rigg Haughton, LA
Found a bunch of pictures from the 2003 Strictly Vintage 2's Bob Baker show.
Found a bunch of pictures from the 2003 Strictly Vintage 2's Bob Baker show.

A visiter to the site sent me a link to a forum at where I found this picture. If this is your trailer please let know.
Found a bunch of pictures from the 2004 Classic. We didn't get to meet the owner, but got these pictures.

A visiter to the site sent me a link to a forum at where I found this picture.  If this is your trailer please let know.
Found this on Ebay. "These trailers are hard to find. They pull very well. My dad paid to have the enclosed sheet metal box over the frame and he sealed it off from water. He made the frame work to hold the box, and improved the hitch attachement. He also put arms and wheels to let down when the trailer is off the vehicle. I have pulled it @ 70 mph and on dirt roads and one steep grade in Natural Bridges Park in Utah. It is ideal for small cars where you run out of room in the car and have over flow such as coolers, tents, luggage, sleeping bags, etc. It has an 8' wheel, the tire is new. The bearings have been serviced. It attaches to the receiver hitch ( Size: 1-1/4 inch rear receiver hitches ) a chain and turnbuckle hook into the safety chain slot on the receiver hitch, this prevents any side to side tipping) I have been stopped by several people who wanted to know more about this trailer and to take pics of it. They can't beleive how light weight it is. I pulled it with my 1997 Merc Sable. It would even pull good with a hybird auto. It is ready for vactions and road trips to highest bidder! I also have additional pictures available."

Now owned by Larry T Laub. I am sending the pics of my trailer. My dad put a new enclosed box on top of the frame. He had a sheet metal shop do the work. He built the frame for the enclosure and it is waterproof. He fixed the problem of no way to store the trailer when it is off of the vehicle by putting arms and wheels on it. It pushes around very easily for storage. It hooks up to the car on a class I receiver hitch (I believe it is the 1 1/4 size) that slips inside the reciever and a pin put into the hole. I put a chain on one side and a turn buckle on the other side to prevent any side to side movement. I have pulled it @ 70 MPH and on gravel roads and steep grades. And the best thing of all it affects your gas mileage very little. It holds a lot of items. I carry a can of fix a flat in case of a flat. It has a common 8 inch tire. The bearings have been serviced. The frame sat in storage for over 25 years and has had very little usage in its life time. Many people have asked me questions about it and you can hear people say when you pull away from a gas station "you can't pull a one wheel trailer" it amazes and confuses people. I have to part with it as I have another trailer I put together to pull my canoes and motorcycles. There has been a lot of work put into this trailer and is ready to pull any where. I am planning on putting it on ebay in a couple of days with an $800 reserve. I live in Twin Falls, Id.
This is a early Sears / allstate tag along single wheel trailer. It's not in bad shape. I tapped the body all over and found the body to be quite sound.The red primer you on the trailer helps to fight against rust.The metal is still very strong! The tag in front says Dunbar Kapple.This trailer is Identical to the allstate trailer I have.The tailgate section needs to be welded on but that's about all of the major work that needs to be done. These will look great with your old VW Chevy or ford truck!! These old trailers are getting more and more rare.Don't let this old gem get away from you!! If you win the bid and need to store this trailer for a a little bit I can help out on the storage too. Or If your in California, Arizona or Nevada I might be able to help you with a cheaper deal besides truck freight.This is a item out of my 17 year VW collection. Once the winning bidder wins the auction. At least 1/4 of the total bid amount must be given as a deposit.The deposited is due immediately after the auction.If no deposited is brought forth. The item will be offered to the next highest bidder.
We have this Allstate one wheel trailer. As you can tell by the pic's it doe's have rust but most is still very solid. The wheel assy is in great shape and has what looks like the orginal tire and doe's not leak air. Also have the mounting hardware to bolt this to your bumper. Located in Dallas Oregon and you can e-mail me at for more info.
Gentlemen, I have received the Allstate trailer badges and they are ready to be shipped. Attached to this email is a picture of the repo badge. Im sure that everyone will be happy with the quality. Please let me know if you are still interested in one or more of the badges. The price is $25 including shipping (within the USA) and $23 per additional badge. I will accept PAYPAL, USPS money orders and CASH in U.S. Dollars. My PAYPAL address is I hope to hear from all of you soon. The pictued trailer is the one that I own and is now at the body shop getting body work and a fresh coat of paint to match my Bug convertible. Thanks, Brad

Brad sent me these pictures right before the 2006 Classic
Found this ad on The Samba. Here is a solid Sears Allstate single wheel trailer. There are no rust issues. Both arms are solid. The wheel mechanism is solid and functional. The taillights are missing the lenses and the frames are bent. No serious body damage. Easy restore. Model 231-963 Serial # 4405.
(This trailer has been identified as an Allstate by the wheel assembly and the 6 bolt wheel. 1/06 ah)
Ellis sent me the info on this trailer: "Single wheel teardrop camping trailer - cool retro single wheel trailer. painted iron "a" frame wheel with coil spring. looks like a homemade alum. camping shell that raises up over the bottom half to make a 3' tall area big enough for a full size matress. needs a tube for the tire and a easy to fabricate hitch assembly to haul it behind your bus or ????"  Owned by Ellis.
Single wheel trailer. Looks to be a sears trailer. Does not have the original box. But does have a custom made box that can be locked. It does need some work on one of the arms.
Very nice site, I recently picked up this trailer it has the tag on the front that says allstate, the front section is quite rusty, the back is very solid. Owned by Chris
allstate one wheel trailer. Very nice trailer was restored about 5-6years ago. No rust, is wired for lights and has some mounting brackets. Body is in real good shape could be sanded and painted to match any vehicle.
Very nice single wheel trailer, comes with the brackets for the bumper. It as some surface rust and a couple of holes. Located Houston Texas
I have an Allstate stamped steel single wheel trailer. I'm restoring it and i've taken the caster apart. Here are some pics of the trailer. The caster is getting blasted and coated right now. I can send pics as it progresses. Owned by George Birge
I found your site - I was given a tag-a-long and I'm looking for spare parts - mainly the wheel. Having a spare would be nice. Owned by Kermit De Jonge
Well I bought a 63 Allstate trailer in pretty good condition. Its rusty but not rotten. I currently have it at an auto body place where my 62 convertible is being restored. I'm planning to have it sandblasted and painted the same color as my bug . The bug will be an off-white body w/tan top and the trailer will be off-white with a tan accent on the side. As you can see it doesn't have the clamps to attach to the bumper brackets hence my email about obtaining a set or having them made per specs if available. I downloaded pictures of some clamps from your website but wondered if there where dimensions available. I plan to register it on your website but I wanted to wait until the project was done (hopefully December-January-ish).  Thanks, Abel

Hi, I sent some pictures of a 1963 Sears Allstate Trailer restoration project a while back and here, finally, is the finished product.

Just wanted to send you an update of my Allstate trailer. It's been a while (longer than I thought it would take) but the final result was worth it. I was able to have some brackets made from your websites examples, Thanks!
Found this ad on "Sears Allstate one wheel Trailer. This is a trailer in it's original condition and color, and very solid no rust. It has all its original parts including bumper mount brackets and plates and (Id tag). brand new tire. this one is ready to mount and go.
Found this ad on The Samba. "Rare 1950's Sears Allstate single wheel trailer. This one is as solid as they come. It's in great original condition and is complete less mounting hardware which can be fabricated fairly easily. These accessory trailers look great hooked up behind an early Beetle, Bus or Type 3. It's very solid with no rust at all. There are some minor dents and several small holes that will need to be fixed. The orginal i.d. tag is still there but a former owner mounted a hook right through it. The tire is aged and cracked and will need to be replaced. This is the perfect candidate for restoration. Owned by Jason in West Coast, British Columbia, Canada
Found this ad on The Samba. "Allstate single wheel trailer - Hard to find allstate single wheel trailer. Needs a wheel, you can use a wheel from a wheel barrow or a cushman wheel. It has to holes as you can see on the photos (EZ fixer) "
Found this ad on &Single Wheel Box Trailer - Here is a single wheel box trailer. This trailer is completely ready to go. I just had the wheel powder coated and repacked the bearings. The brake light works and the tire is new. The trailer frame is perfect (original paint). The aluminum box was added later, it latches and is lockable. The trailer is registered (yes I have the title in hand), as a '56 so if you wanted to run vintage plates it would be very easy to do. If you are in CA I can give you all the info you would need to do this. Also included and a set of bumper mounting brackets (pictured)." Owned by Aaron

Saw this trailer at the Classic 2004.
Found this on Ebay and received the email from the owner Skip in the same week.  "Presently have a 1957 T-bird for sale with a one wheel trailer attached. The trailer is an Allstate No# model E 231-963 Serial 7559. It came with car when I bought it in 1990, With no title or paper work. The trailer was a option the orginal owner bought with car in Portland Oregon, in 1957. Description I have says the trailer was made by Bird Products of L.A. Calif. from 1957 thru 1959. The trailer is colonial white which matches the car and has a red tonneau cover. It is in like new condition as is the car.


1957 Ford T-Bird 61,000 actual miles – all numbers and colors match – never wrecked, all original . VIN D7FH257188 Factory options – automatic, power steering, power brakes, 4 way power seats, town & country signal seeking radio, factory installed Tonneau cover; we have original factory invoice. Car has soft top and hardtop; Very rare after market options – include one wheel vacation "Bird Nest" trailer made by Bird Products, LA – CA, 1957 thru 1959 & under dash Hi-Way "Hi-Fi" record player. Record players turntable has stopped turning and is currently out of car to be repaired. The only flaws on body are a paint fracture on left front fender and a scratch on right the right fin. [ see pictures] If you’re looking for a unique, orginal T- Bird, this is the one…" Owned by Skip
Here is a pic of my 23 window and restored allstate tag-a-long. Tony&Terri&The Kids Valley SpringsCal.
1956 ALLSTATE Trailer. Very solid, no rust holes, needs paint, No top. Lawton, OK
I believe these are from an old Hot VW's magazine, but I'm not sure. They were included in an ebay auction ad. This trailer is reportedly owned by Neil Bledsoe.

Hello, This is a 1956 Allstate trailer painted dove blue, has California gold plates the trailer is non op right now. All hardware included. The two tow bars are for VW's bug and type 3, they are homemade. The tire is a few years old with very low miles, Also comes with the original Allstate tire. When I purcased the trailer over ten years ago, it only hade surface rust (no panels have been weled on this trailer). If you want to turn heads when pulling into a car show, This is the ticket. I have to admit many 1st place trophies were achived with this trailer attached to my cars, ask anyone who saw me pull in my car in the same class, it can put you over the top. Iv'e seen alot of these trailers since owning one and this is the nicest one iv'e seen in person. Regards, Lonotch
Found ad on Ebay: "Allstate 1 wheel trailer super rare unrestored!!!!!!!!! Solid condition. Will make a great little vintage trailer. Needs Sandblasting, minor bodywork, and paint. Super rare item. Have included photots of what one will look like restored. Mid 1950s item. Sold by Sears and Roebuck. Single wheel with spring. Cute little trailer. 1/4 ton capicity. 54 by 42 by 13 weighs less than 200 lbs."
The man, I bought it from, doesn't have the old registration that shows the year of the trailer. He "thinks" it's a 1951. The last time it was registered was 1971. I called Connecticut DMV, they said they do not keep records after 5 Years. Is there a way to determine the year from the info on the ID plate? MODEL NUMBER 231 96360 and SERIAL NUMBER E 10025. Owned by Dave.
Found this ad on Ebay. "I found this trailer attached to a 1960 Ford Falcon. The trailer was made in 1959 by Allstate Trailer Co. and sold through Sears Roebuck and Co. There is an id plate on it (see pics). The model number is 231-963 and the serial number is 3086. I have not been able to find any other info on this item. It is extremely rare and extremely cool. The deminsions of the trailer bed are as follows: 53"long x 41" wide x 10 1/2" deep. The tire is the original tire and it still has air in it. It pivots fine and appears to be fully functional. It will need a complete restoation and paint. There are some dents and dings. No rust through."
Found this ad on Ebay. "this is a trailer from the 50's that clamped on the rear bumper of a car. has one wheel that swivels. it was made to clamp on the rear bumper of cars. this trailer is in excellent shape, has a few dings and some surface rust. it has sat in a barn for probably 30 years. says on tag "sold only by sears roebuck and co." it is an ALLSTATE, model #231-963. paint is original. clamps look like they have had very little use. wheel turns and swivels. measures approx. 4'6" long, 3'4" wide and 10" deep. i don't think there are to many around in this kind of shape."
My buddy Mark also sent me these pics from one of the '03 Bugorama's in Sacramento Ca. Thanks Mark.
Sears Allstate one wheel trailer, used behind my 1960 36 hp beetle. Serial # 014 out of about 10,000, black Calif. plate with current PTI registration, no rust excellent condition considering it's vintage age, painted black, has Sears Allstate mud flap in the shape of the United States. Tows great, a perfect addition to your VW bug, Ghia, bus, truck or vintage vehicle. Originally sold as the perfect addition to a weekend outing. Still has the brass side trim pieces that are usually missing. ID tag still in tact with all model and serial #'s clearly visible.
Saw your website the other day and I thought I would send you a few pictures of my Allstate trailer. It was rusted away for the rear 10" or so, we modified the rear end to match the rear of my 37 Chevy and fabricated a roof for it. I run this thing all over and it tows great. Keep up the good work.  Owned by Steve and Linda Brown
Found this ad on ebay."Up for your consideration is this vintage hard-to-find One-wheel Trailer. This trailer would look cool pulled behind ANY Street Rod! Be The Envy Of All Your Friends At The Swap Meet Measures 66" from hitches to tailgate. 12" from front of trailer to end of hitches. Bed measures 48"x39". Aluminum Tag reads; DUNBAR KAPPLE, GENEVA, ILLINOIS, MODEL 108, It is in overall GOOD Condition considering its age Surface Rust-No Holes."
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