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Found this ad on The Samba. The seller was selling the Barn Door Single Cab and Allstate trailer together as a package and wouldn't seperate. Here is the info relevant to the trailer "The Trailer is a stock 1955 Allstate singlewheel. I think original paint. no big dinks, no rust, rolls fine. rare and hard to find that early."
The yellow allstate trailer that you have pictured on the top of "allstate page #1" was purchased by me on ebay. the trailer was located about 40 miles northeast of touson, AZ I had to pick it up at the guy's house ( i traveled from camarillo, CA ) the trailer is quite nice with a little surface rust and minor body dings. i will restore to perfect condition for towing behind my 65 bug conv. i will send you pictures when i am done. don't hold your breath as i must restore the car first! thank you brad millard
Found this ad on ebay. "Here is a one wheel trailer made by allState the rubber is shot, there is a little rust but not bad, it is not rusted through that I can see, have a title for it, this thing was made to bolt on the bumper of your car, this thing is a vintage piece. it has a box that is about 4' by 3' and about a foot deep, there appears there was a cover at one time but that is gone now. The outside dimension is 52"x39" and is 10" deep, there are no holes, if you look close in the pic it is full of water, there are a few dings in it, it weighs about 200# it will have to go truck freight, it has a 8" tire on it, this thing is not perfect by any means. This still has the tag on it, and I believe it is from sears from the 40's-60's
This old trailer, I think was sold through Sears. Has original tag on front marked: "Dunbar Kapple Inc" Bed meausures: 53" X 40". No tailgate, frame looks to be in good condition underneath. Arms are solid 1 inch square steel. Bed has some rust (see pictures). Has stainless steel plates on each side can be taken off. My buddy Mark sent me the link from The Samba
Allstate Trailer. Located in Logan Utah only about an hour from Salt Lake. the body is in decent shape. Only a few dents and dings on the side of the bed. The most impressive part to me was the underside. Barely any if to no rust at all. It's from California and thankfully hasn't been touched by the salty winters here that cause havoc on cars here.
Previously owned by Ronnie of Now owned by Randy in Hawaii.
Submitted by JP Henriksen who owns the Dunbar Kapple. His Friend Micah found the trailer about 1/2 mile from his house for $50. Owned by Micah.
I'm not real sure where these pics came from.
All that is missing is the box. I haven't yet located the hitch parts. The tire is Allstate too. The trailer is located in Wichita, KS. Owned by Geoff Brown.
I found this Allstate in Oklahoma yesterday. I will be buying it to sell. Owned by Craig Baum who also owns a Coffman.
Carl bought his trailer from a neighbor, it looks like the one from "Aaron of Santa Rosa". It is blue with a white "Allstate" block letter front and back. The number on the Sears tag is 287 61960. I put it into temporary storage before I could get the digital camera but I did take a couple of pics of the original bumper mounts. Hopefully I can get it out of storage soon and give you better pics. I paid $70 for it. The old man who had it on his driveway for 15 years (he used it regularly) told me he had tons of offers on it when he didn't want to sell but I was the only one who replied to his "for sale" sign. Lucky break I guess. Looking forward to seeing more Carl.
We recently traveled to Denver,CO from Northern Virginia to pick up 1956 Allstate trailer from our friend Scott. The trailer is in great shape and has no rust. We also have the original title from Illinois as well as the identification plate. We got it at a great price for only $800 and restoring costs will be minimal. This trailer will be towed by our 1957 Oval. The trip out to pick it up was great and definitely worth it. Owned by Robert and Heather

Here is an update on our Allstate Trailer. It is now fully restored and we are attaching pictures for you and your website. This is our Allstate trailer done and mounted to the 1957 VW Bug. It looks great. We want to say thanks to your website and to Jimmy Campbell for the paint and body work. As you can see, we mounted two 1950's stop lights on the rear to give it that great 50s look. Thanks for including us on your website
1956 Allstate Tag Along Trailer. I bought this from the second owner's daughter. Included is the original canvas tarp with tie downs, and original bumper attachments. It attaches to a bus bumper perfectly without any drilling. The trailer has the original Allstate tire that is perfect. It has been painted several times and there is a fair amount of surface rust. The worst rust is along the back lip on top of the trailer. The bed is nearly perfect. Still has the Allstate tag on the front of the bed. Pulls like a dream behind a bus. Owned by Scott
Well this is the trailer that is somewhat responsible for this site. Back a few years ago I saw this bug and Allstate and thought it was a beautiful combo. It was the first singlewheel trailer I had ever seen. I didn't take any pics of it then as I didn't have any plans to build a site. Well it was at the Classic 2002 and still just as nice as I remembered. I didn't catch up with the owner, so if it is yours, drop a line. Featured in Oct '99 VW Trends.  Anybody have a copy?
From The Samba. The Ultament accessory!! this trailer is complete with ID tag. The main body has only minor dents & dings, but has not been wrecked! Has some small rust holes in the floor bottom (see pic). The rest is in excellent condition! Missing: one side chrome trim piece but can easily be re-made. The original is color blue & white, appears be the same color of a mid 60's Bus.
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