Allstate Wood Box Sears, Roebuck & Company (Allstate) Wood box Trailer

Sears, Roebuck and Company sold many products under the Allstate name, one of which was the 1-wheel trailer. So far three different models of the Sears (Allstate) trailers have been discovered. The most popular model is affectionately known as the "Tag-a-Long" single wheel trailer. Sears also sold a less popular trailer with a wood box and a metal frame using what appears to be the same wheel assembly. Recently it has come clear that Sears also sold a third type trailer. As there are quite a few examples and they are quite different than the other two versions it was decided to create a new page for them. See them here. The "Tag-a-Long" and the wood box trailers were sold as having a 1/4 ton hauling capacity and many other features outlined in the vintage catalog pages. Take a look at the Vintage literature and read the description given on the various Sears Catalog adds. The dates of manufacturing are fairly unclear and an exact date my never really be known, but I have heard of a late '40's frame and know they were sold through the '60's. There is also a bit of controversy that these trailers may have been manufactured by a company in Canada sold by Sears and Dunbar Kapple.  This is one of the most popular single wheel trailers, yet I still have very limited information and would love to know more. If you have any info or literature or pictures of your Allstate sent them to .


From what we understand there is supposed to be a hard felt or grease injected plastic wafer. One of our wheel assemblies had this wafer and it is about 1/8 inch thick. Hope that helps.
Vintage literature Allstate Wood parts list Click images to enlarge
Found this on Craigslist: 1940s-50s Era One Wheel Auto Trailer (Prairie du Sac). 1940s-50s Era One Wheel Auto Trailer complete with bumper attached drawbar. Trailer is 42'' wide x 54'' long and original paint on floor and 10'' sides. Has 6'' removable extension and hinged arched cover. Single 4'' x 8'' swivel spring mounted tire.
I finally took some photos. Dad bought this in 1946 I think. I can remember sleeping in it as a kid on a family trip. Dad built high sides and a canopy frame and added "legal" lights. The single center tail light was original. Still has original green paint. Regards, Phil Nutting
"Allstate" single wheel trailer - Sears Roebuck "Allstate" single wheel trailer. I've added a 12" board & cover for added room for baggage. This can be removed to make it original.
Found an update on this trailer in the Forums on the - Just picked this up, not the cool Allstate, but still an Allstate.

Found on Craigslist: Sears/Allstate single wheel trailer - Sears/Allstate single wheel trailer in great original condition. Has been garaged all it's life and last saw the light of day in 1972. Apart from a crack in one side board, this is straight out of the time capsule! Comes with the original cover and mounting brackets in their bag. Sorry, license plate not included, but I will give you a similar aged and condition wooden rollover creeper for when you install the mounting brackets.
Attached a general picture of the 231-508 trailer.  I can send pictures including the extension boards (may be home made) and the top frame, made of square metal tubing. I think it has to be factory. The top canvas has likely been replaced.  The box is dark blue with some pin striping under the current paint. Please let me know what pictures you'd like.  I live in North Central Kansas. John Parsons.
Found this on Allstate single wheel bumper trailer. good original Allstate single wheel bumper hitch trailer
Found this on Ebay: TRAILER VINTAGE ANTIQUE RAT ROD MODEL A FORD 1 WHEEL. Ok what your looking at is an old trailer. I was told it was used to tow behind a old Model A pickup it is made up of wood and a steel frame the wood could use some work. The steel seems to be in good condition the tire will need to be replaced. This would make a nice restoration project to tow behind a old rat rod or something. The wood box demensions are 54" long and 42" wide. I don't know much else about this thing. Anyways I will try to answer any questions. Thanks for looking.
1953 Sears Allstate one wheel trailer - 1953 sears allstate one wheel trailer wheel goes in center of trailer and swivels 360 degrees. this is a all wood trailer with steel frame. you would buy this out of there catalog. wood is in excellent shape. no rot at all. very rare in this original condition. was not sure where to post this but this would make a great trailer for a hot rod. or rat rod. has been in storage since 1962. very solid wood and steel frame. measures 42" wide. and 54" long. will need to have trailer lights rewired. have all original hardware and tools that came with it. also have title. very rare barn find. you do not see these everyday.
Found this on Allstate single wheel trailer - I have for sale a good looking single wheel trailer by All state. It's made out of wood with a metal frame. The top lid was custom made. It's in good shape. No rust. Allways garage kept.
Found this on The Vintage Allstate single wheel utility trailer. Good original Allstate single wheel utiltiy trailer from the early 50's. I don't have the bumper clamps.
Found this on The 1946 Single Wheel Trailer. This is a 1946 original wood side single wheel trailer and I have the original owner registration.
Found this on Craigslist in New Jersey: Allstate Pull Behind Trailer - This is an 1 wheel pull behind trailer Model 231-508 is 54 inches long 42 inches wide and 9 3/4 inches deep. Produced by Sears & Roebuck Co this trailer has been garage kept and is in great condition for it's age. Original title and Parts manual also included. Great for small vehicles.

A Few months later I found this ad on 1958 Allstate Trailer - Super original 1958 Allstate Single wheel trailer. Bought from original owners son. Used for a couple years than stored away in a garage. Really nice original paint. Comes with original tools, bumper attachments, registration, and trailer title. The original Allstate tire is like brand new. This is the nicest original unrestored trailer I have seen. Will work perfect towed behind a bus or beetle.

Trailer is now owned by Bob Cropsey, I just bought this trailer. Its an all original 1958 Allstate wood box trailer. This is the original paint on it, garage kept as the original paper registration tag is still on it. Those are the original tail lights and also the original wrench hanging on it. I got it with the original title and License plate with the 58 metal registration tag and all tow vehicle mounting hardware. I hope everyone enjoys the pictures. Very few seen with original paint in this condition. Bob Cropsey Wallington, New Jersey USA.
Found this on Craigslist: RARE 1-WHEEL 1940's ALLSTATE TRAILER FROM SEARS - 1-Wheel Allstate Luggage Trailer. Very Unique, Sold by Sears in the 1940's. New Box with Mortised Corners, New LED tail, stop and turn signal lights. Hitch goes into a 2 inch Receiver. Licensed, ready to go behind your Classic Car.

Thought you might enjoy a picture of my recently restored Allstate. My Dad owned this for at least 50 years. I inherited it some time ago and just recently restored it from pictures of it from the mid '50's. Obviously, my Dad had made some improvements to the original trailer. The bumper on the back is the front bumper off a 1939 Crosley that he obtained from his brother. I am also assuming that the original trailer was not two boards high. He also converted the hitch assemblies to actual trailer ball couplers. I was even able to purchase an original Allstate trailer safety chain off ebay. I hope you enjoy the picture as much as I enjoyed restoring it. Jerry
Found this on Nice old vintage single wheel trailer made by Allstate mfg. This single wheel trailer is the style has has custom wood side's where the owner would build to suit. This old unit needs a new home so that is can be restored back to it original glory. Additonal item included but not pictured are the original equipment to install to the rear bumper. Additonal tire and rim, also there several pieces that look like extra wheel parts.
My name is Jim Monares and I live in Aurora, CO (a Denver suburb). I have a Montgomery Ward single wheel trailer that my father bought new in Chicago in 1947. It had been in a garage or storage since 1962.   Trailer in good condition, newer tire, always stored indoors. Located in Denver area, Owned by Jim at
This is a Sears Allstate Single Wheel Trailer!!! Hard to find and great for towing behind any old VW or other old car! Use "AS IS" or restore it! This Trailer has been sitting for about 20 years and is a really cool find in its worn original state! Not rusted out like many you will see online for sale! The wood of coarse is old but in useable condition, the metal frame is in very good condition. Still has the original tail reflectors and the front brackets for hooking up to a old car! Bolts might need to be either replaced or lubed . This is a sweet New Mexico find for the person looking for a unique accessory for their vintage VW or other vintage car. It is easy enough to lift with 2 guys and will fit in the back of a truck for shipping. The tire and suspension look to be in good condition, but I would think the bearings would need grease after sitting so long. This trailer was picked up from the ORIGINAL owner and I might even be able to send the original title with it if the lady I got it from finds it ( at no extra charge)!!! I am not sure of the year but believe it was made in the 50's. Still has the original tags on it as well as the "ALLSTATE" logo on the original wood , front and back.
I just picked up this single wheel trailer. Do you have any idea who made it? Feel free to post these pics on your website. I also owe you picks of my 57 Heilite, but work has been pretty slow on it. Many, many thanks, Brian
pics if my new find bought from Original owner today! I just acquired a Allstate wood trailer in nice condition. I will load the pics and send them to you if your are interested. How do you tell the year? Off the tag? I am waiting on the title from the owner. so not sure what year it is yet. It was getting dark as I got it home , I will get better pics later. Owned by Shawn
I found your web site today on one wheel trailers. I actually have one of these trailers. I don't know what possessed me to look, but I would like to find out more information on the trailer. I little history. My dad bought the trailer in Kansas in the 50s. He then used it to move around from job to job until I moved to southern california in 87. I then had to rebuild the box after years of sitting around, but it made it to So. Cal just fine. Mine was pulled around for year by a 68 VW bus, still have the bus. One side of the wheel assembly says "Trail Car Chicago ILL", I've attached a picture of the patent number too. I also noticed that the "hitch" has a patent number on it too. It looks like I have one of the allstate wood trailers, although I've rebuilt the box once and I think my dad did too many years ago. Owned by Mike Parry
(This trailer has been identified as an Allstate, by the wheel assembly and the 6 bolt wheel.  1/06 ah)
As it turns out I have the same trailer (or maybe I should say frame) as Brain does. I bought mine at a garage sale for $75.00. As you can see the box is home made. Whoever built the box did one heck of a job, the only problem being that the sheet metal is so thick that I think just the box exceeds the weight capacity of the trailer. My trailer did come with a spare tire, bolt on pivots for the arms, and a receiver type hitch with the pivots hook to. Owned by Frank
(This trailer has been identified as an Allstate, by the wheel assembly and the 6 bolt wheel. 1/06 ah)
Cast into the arms is "PAT 2216584" and in another spot on the arm is the number "180". Cast into the wheel arm on each side of the wheel is "TRAILCAR-OAKLAND-CALIF-410" - this is located where you can see the wording from the back of the trailer when the wheel is straight for forward travel. Owned by Zen
Found this ad on The Samba. "Vintage VW tag trailor Vintage tag trailor frame and roll mechanism. Do not have the brackets for mounting or the old utility trailor body. This is the hard part to find. You can fabricate a trailor body. Sincle axle trailor assembly can be easily adapted to follow behind a VW bug. Very limited weight, tracks behind a bug easily with the sprung, single wheel mechanism. These are rare.
My buddy Mark sent me these pics from one of the '03 Bugorama's in Sacramento Ca. Thanks Mark.
The title shows it to be a 1948 Allstate trailer. The whole thing boxed up, with a top and all. It appears a previous owner rebuilt the sides and built top doors for it. Here are some pics I took a week or so ago. Previously owned by Ivan. Now owned by SV2s member Louis. 

I took these pictures while trailing Ivan to the Big Three auto swap.
Found this ad on The Samba. This is a three sided all state trailer sold by sears in the 50's and 60's for Volkswagen in good working order. Was owned by Tony Gracia
50's Allstate One Wheel Trailer. This One Wheel Trailer seems to be a pretty popular cool accessory! It has not been on the road since 1956 has been in storage and still with its' Texas trailer plate. Has bumper guard & a very cool red marble style center reflector! The wood body is in good shape and the frame is in excellent shape with only minor surface rust! Has original aluminum wheel w/ original tire and Sears tag is even in good shape with serial #tag.
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