Allstate Tag-a-long Sears, Roebuck & Company (Allstate)
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Bruce Braun's Allstate trailer. I found a large, rust free, Allstate single wheel trailer the other day and bought it for $125. It has the original dark blue factory baked paint with some robins egg blue house paint brushed over the top. The tire is Allstate and the nametag is still affixed although covered with house paint.

Got the hardware powdercoated but still waiting on the trailer body to be painted. The Wheel and body "cove" are painted sherbet green, the hardware aluminum color and the trailer body will be darker green to match our 1965 21 Window.


Bruce tried it and it didn't work.

And here it is all completed. Thanks for keeping us all updated Bruce.
The Trailer will be towed by my 1957 VW Oval with only 27,000 original miles on it!! I bought the trailer from a gentleman in Covina, CA for $80.00. Owned by Kurt Nudd.

I met Kurt and his wife at the 2002 VW classic and got a couple more pics. Notice the 54-57 VW accessory in the third pic.
This is Randy Pickton's trailer. The original box was rusted out, so he had a box built for him and painted the same color purple as his bug.
My Allstate trailer has given me great service. I built a clunky square box on the frame with lid and rear drop gate for functionality. I am looking for a spare wheel/axle/bearing. I would even consider the whole mount/spring/pivot mechanism. Allstate trailer owned Paul Munson's.
Submitted by Jenny & Sam Wise. This is Jenny's & Sam's '51 allstate, and '63 Vw Bug convertible. The trailer is hooked below the bumper with drop hitch mounts that bolt to the bumper brackets (these are sweet) they were designed & fabbed at California Hot Rods by the owner Mike Smith, thanks Sam
Johnny Jimenez's Allstate trailer
"This is a 1959 Kombi with the factory installed Swivel Seat, M-code 199. I just added this 1959 All State Single wheel Trailor to it. Everything on both the bus and trailor on in excellent working condition. This bus will be displayed at the up coming OCTO and Classic shows. And possibly for sale? The bus is complete with all of the correct parts and NO RUST!" This entry was taken from The Samba.
1957 Allstate Trailer, sold on Ebay. Now owned by Glen Puller . Model Number is 231-963.

Wade from sent me this pics from the 2003 BBB show.
Submitted by JP Henrikse. I'm really happy with this trailer: it's a 1954 Dunbar Kapple, model number 122, serial number 04! I bought it from the original buyer's son for $200. I'm towing it behind my 1961 Flipseat Westy.

(So in light of this information, did the Dunbar Kapple company actually build these trailers for Sears who slapped the Allstate name on them? AH)
Wade from sent me this pics from the 2003 BBB show.
While at the June OCTO 2001 show a fellow Single wheel owner showed me a page from an old VW Trends Mag. Going through friends old magazines, I found it. The article is very interesting, but I would love to argue the origin of the trailer, Canada?? VW Trends August 1996
Allstate Tag-A-Long Owned by Rod. Check out Rods Classic Hobbies for more on his projects.
Found this on in the for sale area. Has been sold.
 I got this trailer for $10.00 at an auction and everyone was laughing at me asking why I bought such a piece of junk. Little do they know....Previously owned by Neil. Now owned by Jeff
1958 Allstate. It does not have the original lil red wagon type box on it. It has a wooden box with an angle iron frame built on the original frame. Pete, Broken Arrow, OK
Allstate and Ghia previously owned by Chris Hall. This trailer is a great example of the Tag-A-Long as it has the Aluminum top that most are missing.
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