Single Wheel Model 161 Heilite Single Wheel (Model 161)

Heilite Trailers were built by the Heilite Manufacturing company founded in 1953 in Lodi California. The Founder, Theodore Heil sold the manufacturing company in 1964. The trailers were made of aircraft quality aluminum panels riveted together. The bed had a plywood base as does the trailer storage area. The storage area is accessed by a horizontal door on either side the length of the trailer. The mattress lays, basically,on top of the trailer, and the tent canvas and poles folds up and lays on top of the mattress. A canvas cover snaps around all four sides of trailer and holds everything in place. The snaps are all just above the storage access doors so they can still be opened with everything closed up. Retractable legs on all 4 corners make leveling the trailer simple on uneven ground. If need be, the canvas and pole assembly could be removed and the trailer used as a utility trailer.


Heilite trailers came with a large number of options. An aluminum, removable kitchenette that in at least one instance, used a Prepo model 208 stove. Wheels on the end of the retractable legs were optional to make moving the trailer simpler, and at some point, a pair of crank down wheels were also optional. It appears the standard was for the tent to open to the passenger side, but optionally the trailer could be ordered with the assembly opening to the drivers side of the vehicle. The canvas tent, and pole assembly were the same for both options, so this spun the entire assembly 180 degrees, and the the mounting holes for the pole assembly were drilled accordingly in order to rearrange the assembly. Moving the trailer assembly opening from the passenger side to the drivers, also spun the door from the back to the front of the trailer . The hitch's are two small trailer hitches that mount to 1 inch trailer balls. The Heilite company built both single and double wheel trailers.  Double wheel Heilite seem to be more uncommon. Also take a look at the Vintage Literature page for more info. If you have any further info, brochures, advertisements, please email .
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Howdy, I am closing out my father´s estate and have a 1953 single tire heilite. It has a new tent and cover for it. Greg Mika, Port Townsend, Wa. 98368
1954 hielite tent trailer single wheel - complete some dents on lower rocker panel canvas has no holes cover was torn but repaired has a spare wheel went through the hitch set up put 1 7/8 balls and hitches on a t bar that fits in a 2" reciever tows great no kitchen pullout
Hello. My name is Joe. I have an opportunity to by a really nice looking 1957 Heilite camper. Are these campers spacious for 4 people? Do they stay dry in the rain if there are no holes in the canvas?
1959 Heilite Single Wheel Trailer - Hi, It is titled and registered currently. Has a good tire and good spare. I have installed new locks, though on one side the pin needs to be stabilized. I have a kitchen unit that comes with it. I have had a new canvas tent made for it by Bear Creek Canvas, along with a new awning and vinyl cover. It is missing the mattress. The bumper bolt on hitches have been welded onto a 2" slide in hitch and bar. It is in very good condition overall. Thank you.
Found this on Ebay - 1961 Jeep Surrey Clone built from 73 postal jeep - Looks almost like the real ones used in resorts, or the one Elvis had. Early 60's 1 wheel heilite tent camper. Early 60's Honda Sport 65. Jeep runs and drives. Camper does not have all the canvas or top bows. Honda last started 2 years ago, engine turns over. Jeep engine runs good, carb a little dryed out, trans shifts good. New wheel cylinders and master cylinder on jeep. Brakes pull a little where old wheel cylinders were leaking. Built as a promotional diesplay to attract people to business openings or events. Driven very little, but basically sound. It was built when 25 year old and older vehicles were licensed by bill of sale in Arkansas.
Found this on
Vintage late 1950's aluminum Heilite trailer VW Van camp kitchen unit in very nice, original, as found, condition. These are very hard to come by in this condition. Size of the unit folded is 34 inches x 34 inches, 11.5 inches thick, and weighs 65 pounds. High bidder can pick it up here in California to save shipping charges. Or high bidder will pay all shipping cost. Shipping may vary, depending on zip code. So shipping price listed may be inaccurate. Will be shipped by FedEx, you can calculate shipping with your zip code from California.
Found this on Ebay: This little cutie is only 7 feet 3 inches long and 51 wide and weighs only 200 pounds. Made by Theodore Heil Trailers Lodi California. Heil made one of the first popup trailer campers on the market in the early 40s. Tows behind any small vehicle like VW, Classic car or little pickup or car. Comes with the tow bar with 1 inch tow balls, chains and bumper attachment parts. This is a single wheel trailer and can easily be moved by hand around any space. Has retractable legs on all four corners that adjust for camping. Each side has a full side length opening storage door compartment that goes all the way through to the other side. I have the full tent with windows and zippers but it needs new canvas. Canvas tent can be sent to an upholsterer and remade with this pattern. The trailer is made from quality aircraft aluminum. New it came with a mattress and can sleep 2 in the bed. This can also be used for a little utility trailer. The last 2 photos show the canvas as it would be when redone to its former glory and an advertisement.
Found this on Ebay - 1956 Buick Special 2 Door---Restored about 10 years aga and driven very little---running out of boat tank---buick tank included but needs work---Clear coat peeling on mid section---Top is good---From belt line crome down paint is good---Rear bumber has minor bend and rust on left corner---runs and drives good---Nearly new tires---Voltage regulator---Radiator cleaned---Brakes are a little spongy from sitting--- Dual glass packs soung good---Heilite 1 wheel tent camper trailer---No canvas---Car has good title---Trailer has bill of sale---
I met the owner of this Heilite trailer at the SV2's Famienfest 2011, and it was a very complete trailer. The canvas had been replaced, but the trailer itself was in great shape. Both original door handles and taillights. Also interesting, was the hitches on the trailer weren't as big and sturdy as the ones on our '57 Heilite.
1963 Heilite Single Wheel Tent Trailer- Camper. It is being pulled by my FJ Cruiser. It is in storage right now and needs a little work, but it is in GREAT vintage shape. All Aluminum Chassis and Frame. This will polish up nicely. The Canvas is all original and includes the add a room. The canvas is in exceptional condition for it's age.
Hello, I was looking at you web site and saw the vintage campers. My father has one behind his garage and there is not canvose left, no poles and it's just plan run down. It's all aluminum with two doors on the sides. The tent and frame work for the canvas are gone but the shell of the trailer is in tact. Thanks, Joe.
Found this in the Samba Forums. "I finally got around to taking some pictures of the squareback pulling my new Heilite. Pretty cool little setup."
Found this in the Samba Forums. Same owner as above. "On one of my Heilites (1964) there's actually a pair of wheels that can be cranked down for moving it around on it's own. It also has four legs that come down, one on each corner, to stabilize the trailer while sleeping in it. My older trailer (1958 shown) only has the four corner legs that come down but the front two legs have casters on them. You can kind of see the extra set of wheels here in the down position."
1950's Single Wheel Trailer. Heilite with all the camping stuff gone. Just sides, wheel and frame. The plywood needs replaced. All aluminum frame and body. VERY LIGHT! It is only 6 feet long
Found this at on the classified page: Single Wheel trailer.
Classic 1957 vintage "Heilite" pop-up tent trailer built in Lodi, California of aircraft quality aluminum construction. Trailer weighs less than 300 Lbs, and tows like it's not there. It should be great behind a Volkswagen or other small engine vehicle. Drive your classic or hot rod and skip the hotels. Give the tear drop crowd something to envy. You can stand this trailer on end in your garage and still pull a car in. If you have a problem backing up a trailer, the single wheel system is excellent for you, it doesn't swing. It attaches to the car by two points (reciever-type hitch included) and the swivelling single tire supports the weight. I towed it 60 miles today and it was fun. Tire and tube are new, wheel bearings freshly repacked. One small dent in side skirt, skin needs a good polishing. Canvas storage cover is weak and torn, but the tent itself is in pretty good shape. It has two thumb-sized holes and a small tear or two in the floor. Mattress is old and smells like it, but should be easy replacement, and would be improved by an air-bed. License plate is original 1956 California issue. Lights have no lenses. Window sceens have no holes. Window flaps controlled by strings from inside, neat feature and works fine. There are telescoping support legs on all corners, and wheels on two to aid in moving it by hand. An unusual feature is that the tent/bed assembly is secured to the sides by 4 latches. Unlatch it and remove the camper top in seconds and you have an open-top utility box trailer to haul stuff in. Mesures 6 Feet 4 Inches long and 4 Feet 4 Inches wide.
Found this on Compact Bicycle Carrying Trailer will carry up to 10 bicycles (walnut creek). Multi-Bicycle Transporter, very compact trailer, 4' x 6' hi tech bed; Torsion bar, shocks, lights. Very safely carries up to 10 bikes, 5 x 2 levels. Compact Bicycle Carrying Trailer will carry up to 10 bicycles of any size (as for a club); 5 bicycles each on the lower and upper levels. The frame is equipped with shock absorbers, a torsion bar and all lights required. Easy storage. Entire unit tilts; it can be stored tilted upright on its rear bumper feet with the drawbar aimed skywards. Compact 4' x 6' bed. Self-supporting via its retractable corner legs when detached and parked. The trailer has a heavy aluminum rear bumper, a stiff commercial steel channel frame, electric wiring and lights, a spare tire, aluminum carrying channels and 10 bicycle fork clamps. The draw bar has a 3/8" aluminum platform, plate, perforated for the attachment of storage boxes and/or jerry cans. Trailer weights about 180# empty. The lower level may carry a mixture of up to 5 LWB tandems, recumbents or single bicycles. Front fork low-rider pannier rack equipped single bicycles, tandems or other longer wheelbased machines may be carried on the lower level. Each rear wheel is supported in a metal channel. The bicycles are mounted "nose to tail". Each bicycle is carried with the front wheel removed, with the front fork locked into an axle-type quick release. Six or more front wheels can be attached and carried aboard the trailer. The front wheels are secured by their quick releases to an arm on a midlevel channel. On the upper level the trailer can carry up to 5 conventional single bicycles, if they are not equipped with front fork low-rider pannier racks. The upper level will carry no long wheelbased machines, tandems, etc. Each of 4 tubular aluminum corner legs are secured during transit in their retracted, uppermost, location by oversized wing nuts. When parked and detached two corner legs, or more, can be extended. Any bicycle equipped with a front low-rider pannier rack should be carried in one of the three extended lower channels: the center or an outboard channel. Professionally custom made upon a Heilite frame.
This Classic Heilite, is another variation on the tent trailer of the 1920's, its difference is having but a single wheel. The Lodi , California- based Heilite Manufacturing Co. was founded in 1953, and pioneered the curious concept of rigidly attaching the trailer to the bumper of the vehicle by means of a special hitch. The single one rear wheel was caster mounted, enabling it to follow the trailers movement on turns. Two wheel Heilite Trailers are even less common than the one wheel Heilites. The tent arrangement is somewhat conventional. The trailer is first stabilized, using legs and much like those of the Auto-Kamp tent trailer of the twenties. All the original hardware is still in the trailer including an assortment of original C-Clamps, Spare Tire and small tires for the rear. Also this tent trailer is all aluminum and there has been two channel bars added to the front to facilitate towing with the modern 2" towing receiver, A Custom T-Bar attaches to vehicle. Wires are also all in tack. The only flaw with the trailer is that it has no Canvas. ID#HE 2122, Lic.# 1CB2843, Last registered in 1990. This item can be picked up from our location in Northern California or you can request shipment arrangements.
Found a bunch of pictures from the 2004 Classic that I never posted.
HEILITE CAMPER It has been in the family since it was purchased new and has been garaged, cleaned and dry for the last 20 years. All parts are original and the tent is is excellent condition with no stains or tears. It even has the original mattress. As you can see from the photos, it was adapted to hold a small boat but other than that it is pristine. The 1956 model Heilite Camper is a single wheel, dual hitch model in superb condition. The wonderful convenience of a dual hitch trailer is that when backing up it is like an extension of the car, and goes wherever the back of the car or truck is pointed. The canvas is like new, as is the tent opening mosquito netting, and the mattress. This camper has also had some pieces added to it to enable it to carry a small dingy. The dingy is available for free with the trailer, although it needs some repair and new oars. When the camper is not attached to the vehicle, it is held upright by four posts that drop down at each corner. The camper can be opened up for use in one minute. The travel cover is unsnapped and removed, the bars are rotated up like the sun cover of a baby carriage, extra material for the sides and the floor falls to the side, you enter, raise two bars and the 8X10 room on the side of the trailer is complete. The area on top of the trailer reveals a ¾ mattress. Owned by Bryant
I own a single wheeled Heilite that my parents bought around 1959 when I was five years old. My parents camped every summer in it and we saw 47 of the states while camping, We also used it as our "guest room" in the garage in a pinch. It is in excellent condition, except for three things which I am working on: 1.) Road cover is rotted ... I am going to have a replacement made. 2.) Tail lights need to be rewired and replaced as one was broken this winter while stored in my garage. Unfortunately my kids knocked over a bicycle which broke the red glass on one. I think I will buy entire new system from a trailer shop and save my old pieces in case I want to make it "original" again someday. 3.) Mechanism that holds legs up inside and locks them into place has broken on two legs. The legs themselves are fine, but they no longer function. We are using car jacks. I don't know if I can get this repaired. BTW, my model has lockers underneath the trailer for holding fishing gear. Haven't seen any of your models with that feature. My parents used one side for fishing gear and the other side for miscellaneous camping gear, such as the long handled campfire popcorn popper. One year while we were in a National Park (Yellowstone??), and all of our food was in a locker away from the bears, a bear kept sniffing around for that popper underneath the camper. We were scared out of our willie nillies as that bear was sniffing the trailer for the scent of popcorn. My dad finally growled at it and it went away! We did some work on our '61 Heilite this summer and took it out for 11 nights up the Oregon Coast and inland to Diamond lake before returning home to Redding (Northern California). We purchased a new Coleman tent for our 3 boys to sleep in and our daughter slept in the Heilite with us. We had a great time. Work we did: New lights, about $100. New Road Cover $130. Repaired leg locking system on two legs (man at canvas shop did this for us with bolts... I don't really like the way it works now, but it is better than not having the two legs whose chains had broken). $60. Replaced one leg with ¾ galvanized pipe and flange (lost the leg coming home from the canvas shop!) $8.50 Lots of scrubbing and scouring and a bottle of aluminum cleaner from Air-Stream to work on the aluminum $15. New locks for the fishing boxes underneath, installed: $80. (Keys to the locks were inadvertently thrown out by me (!!!) and they don't make those kind any longer, so we had to buy new hasp locks.) When we go again, we likely won't move so often as tearing down camp and setting up was the most work of the trip. We did have a great time, though we froze at the coast. At one point in Oregon, with two married daughters, 3 grandkids and our 4 younger children, we had 13 in camp. Owned by Sue Pellascio or Redding, California
This is my Heilite. It is located in Lost Nation,Iowa. Draws a crowd wherever I go. Owned by Glenn Short
Hi, Have a 1964 Heilite Model HE camper in very good condition, just missing main canvas.Have an extra spare tire with axle.Located in central N.Y. Seneca Falls. Owned by David DeLelys
hi, i have been wanting a single wheel trailer for awhile for my bus. they are kinda hard to come by here on the east coast, but i tripped on one here in massachusetts 2 weeks ago. cool, when i get time i will get it registered. it still has 1965 plates on it.(see picture) i got almost everything with it except the two 1" hitch balls. they seem hard to find so far. just wondering if you know where to get them. thanks, Steve
I found this on Ebay. 1956 Heilite Tent Trailer folding camping trailer. Heilite Convertable Trailer made by Heilite Trailers of Lodi California, Serial # 1289 purchased locally in 1956. The State did not require trailers to be titled back then so I will furnish bill of sale. This trailer is in good condition including the canvas and the mattress. I think the tire is original as well as the keys for the storage compartment. I will include the hitch that I used to pull it behind my Model "A" Ford. The convertable means the top can be removed leaving you with a utility trailer. I am listing this for pickup only but I could store it for 30 days if it is paid for.
This combo was at the 2005 return of the Bugin.  The trailer looked to be in really good condition.  I didn't get to talk to the owner but I got these pictures.
Wanted to show you a picture of our set-up. I think my husband has done a wonderful job on the restorations. We are planning a trip to Madison, GA for the Memorial Day Bi-Annual Micro car convention and the Heilite is a perfect companion to our 57 BMW Isetta. I even found yellow Melmac Dinerware from mid-50's that the lady is mailing to us today.  Owned by Deborah and Husband

When they got back from the Micro car show they mentioned above they sent me the pictures below
Here are pics of my trailer.I have already reg. it on your site. mike
Heilite single wheel camper 1953 or 54? trailer vin#553! If you remove the campers tent and bed you can use it for hauling yard waste if your inclined to do so. It has a receiver made for it so you can hook up t0 a class 3 hitch. It needs the handles replaced on it & the cover as it has some damage but, it's good for a pattern. I'm currently looking for wheel bearings for it. All the wiring works as I tested it with my truck. The weight is about 350lbs.
Heilite Single wheel trailer. I am unsure of the year. There is a coat of rust in the front that has stained the aluminum. Should be easily cleaned as aluminum doesnt rust. It had come from a pipe that was rolled in a tarp to cover the top of the trailer. It is in good overall shape. I DO have the ORIGINAL KEYS for the lock that works. There are a couple of very small dings in it. There is NO canvas for it. All the folding poles are there and in great shape. It does have the original kitchenette and 2 old spare tires. The 2 - 1" balls and hitch still connected to the front. It has been converted to a 2" drawbar setup for easier use. The swivel wheel rotates freely and tire holds air.
I have a old single wheel ,,, its missing the canvas, but the rest is there..this is my heilite trailer, I've owned it for 25 years...  FOR SALE> offer...Owned by Skooter
My 'trailer' is as far removed from the original as it is possible to imagine!!! I'm enclosing some pictures of it and also of a pair of mounting brackets that can be part of the 'on-car' assembly. The 'balls' can be locknutted onto the trailer mounting brackets and then inserted into the receptacles on the trailer mount to be held in place with the thumb screws. They provide a strong flexible joining. These brackets are available if anyone is interested. Owned by Beth and Bill Cope
I have a 1959 Heilite single wheel trailer {sn 2285} that I have owned and used for many years. My father-in-law bought this trailer some time in 1960 and used it every year until 1975 when he bought a new Komfort. I was given the Heilite and had it re-tented about 1976 by Contential Canvas in El Monte California. I am looking for the original watering system and the legs for this trailer. I could also use a kitchen top because it was damaged by a bear several years ago Here are some pictures of my 1958 Heilite with the kitcheneete unit. Owned by Jim

Here is a website that has a picture of the stove that came with my Heilite. This was an after market unit that may have been sold by the Heilite dealer at the time. This info was supplied by Brien Page the collector on the website. I am also sending pictures of the 5 gallon water tank that hooked to the side of the kitchenette unit. My stove is the model #208 two burner. One of the cannisters still had fuel in it and it fired right up. Here are a couple of pictures of my Heilite trailer. It is in excellant shape and has the original kitchenette. The kitchenette does need a new top as it was damaged by a bear several years ago. Did you get my info on registering this trailer with your group?
 Found this on The Samba "1956 Heilite Trailer - In stock just in time for summer Swap meet hauling or replace the canvas and camp at the show instead of paying for a hotel. This trailer is in excellent shape. The tent poles are near perfect and the original wooden floors are still there and in great shape. A weekend of tuning and she could be road worthy. I have the hitches. This trailer still has the original glass taillites in killer shape!!! The title is a clear Arkansas title from the early 70s. I also have some history on this trailer as well as the original keys!!!! . I haven't even washed this trailer since I've had it. Owned by Dono Power Benton, Arkansas
Early heilite folding one wheeled camper. The body is in very good condition but needs to be cleaned due to lawn mower clippings. The canvas is in good shape but it does have some mildew and brown stains and tiny rips on the opening edge about 1/16th of a inch due to removal of a home made extention. To be picked up in Morrisville Vermont. May need new tire. No hitch for car. Last registered in 1976. email for more photos if you would like to see all angles.
Ellis sent the info on his trailer.  "Heilite single wheel trailer - Cool single wheel trailer from the 50's. Both doors work. No dents. Wheel assembly included but off the trailer. needs tire. Sorry no hitch bows or canvas. serial # 3318 Will fit in a pick-up bed. Owned by Ellis.
A man named Leon sent these to me a while ago and I found them while going through some stuff.
Here is a pic of my 1960 heilite one wheel and my crewcab. Tony&Terri&The Kids
Found this advertised on the Web. "Heilite Single wheel Camper trailer. The canvas, bed, poles, stakes, cover, (wood bottom excellent!) aluminum, spare wheel & the keys are all in very good condition! This has been stored indoors for over 30 years ( Look at the tag )! The sides fold down so you can access everything stored under the bed and are in excellent condition! I have most of all the paper work for it when it was new including the manual on how to set it up!!! This is a great camper that if you don't want to go camping you can take the canvas and bed out and use it to haul various items in & only weighs about 350lbs!!! I think it's a 1960 or 61 because of the low vin #.
"I have my trailer on ebay and this lady sent me pictures of her 58'. This pic was in 1962. Her husband was a park ranger and they traveled for 10 yrs in this thing with 4 girls. Went 48 states and Canada. They still own the trailer but mice got the canvas. They are in Kentucky." From Craig Harkey  Trailer owned by Dan and Alice Lee

How we loved that little trailer!! We have four daughters, and in that little Heilite, we visited all 48 states! Didn't make Alaska or Hawaii in it, but all the others. I'm afraid it has gone to trailer heaven now. We bought it in 1958, used it for years; our niece and nephew took it to Mexico once; and finally we gave it to our second daughter. It's on the back of her property, but mice or squirrels got into it and ate holes in the canvas, so it's not usable. What wonderful memories we have of trips in it. We had bunk cots for the girls in addition to the bed, and we had the kitchen unit that you could buy with ice chest, water tank, Coleman stove, and storage space. It pulled out with drop-down legs like a card table. It was wonderful!! I'll see if I can find more pictures. My husband was a ranger in the National Park Service for 34 years, so we loved the parks. We camped from Florida to Washington state, California to Maine.
Found this on the1957 E-bay. This camper/trailer is out of the current estate we are liquidating. Approx. Late 50's or early 60's in origin. People took meticulous care of this item. Was always stored indoors. Has not been registered since 1973, and still has vintage tag. Seems fully intact, with no canvas damage. There are a few one or two, patch's, properly repaired. This is the original Heilite canvas. Has spare wheel, original keys and locks, and trailer parts. It should be all there for original attachment to car, but no guarantee. Has original mattress in good condition, and I believe entire cover. Any questions please do not hesitate to e-mail. Located in South Florida?
Found this on the1957 The Samba. "Heilite Single wheel tent trailer-hauler - best Very Nice orig 1957 Heilite Single wheel camp trailer, VERY VERY rare, very good to excellent ORIG condition, NEW canvas TOP-TENT-FLOOR included and will be here and included next week, from orig patterns of BEAR creek canvas company, It is a california Black plate, it's Registered also, weight is 350 lbs, I have a hook up for my 67 splitty w/ tow ball hitch, tows with no worry's at all, bed and tent folds down on top to fit under travel cover, storage of camping gear, sleeping bags, etc go under , won't rust it's all aircraft alum , New tire and NEW spare tire that's mounted under the trailer, Now what's really cool is when -if your not camping and ya gotta haul some stuff(swap meets, yard work,BEACH toys) the top part lifts off and you got a trailer for hauling, the bed is a full size, so that's what the size of this trailer, this is one of those rarest of rare, so rare there is one in the vintage automotive museum back east, these were made in Lodi, ca as tag and orig ad print states."
I found the add on Believe this is Glen Puller's new Heilite. Traded to Glen for his 57 Allstate single wheel. Thanks Glen 1956 one wheel Heilite tent trailer. made in Lodi, California. it is in decent shape with wear on the original canvas in some corners. shell is made out of aluminum. Recently got from original owner. I registered 56 yom plates to it also. They will go with it. i also have the original bumper brackets in great shape. there are no taillights in it right now because i wanted to put in bus taillights. Email for more info also willing to do part trade for a nice Allstate one wheel.
Heilite recently (week of 02/17/02) sold for approximately $350 to Brian Okelly who also owns a Coffman Single Wheel. "It's mine! Will be nice behind my 65 21 window. Brian O'Kelly"
I found this on Ebay (week of 02/10/02), now owned by Larry. I have just purchased a 1953 Heilite single wheel camper. This will be used behind my 1954 MG TF. Thanks
The trailer (without camping gear) weighs 350 lbs. One person can move it around with great ease!! You would be amazed at the places you and one other person could get it into!! I purchased it from the original owner with the original tire!! He has taken it all over the US and Canada. It has a mattress to sleep in style and the rest of the cabin folds out to approx. 60 sq. ft. Everything is original on this trailer!!! I even have what I was told to be the original tire. The canvas is all original and is in extremely good condition. This trailer even has the original mattress that is also in excellent condition. Heilite Owned by Craig & Lisa in Grass Valley California. To be Featured in "Ready to Roll" published in 2003.

Craig and Lisa Sent me some more pics of their trailer which they are trying to sell.
Found 2 more pictures of this trailer on the web

'62 Heilite in The Automotive Heritage Museum in Kokomo Indiana. Submitted by Norm & Linda. They are traveling the country side and have a great site of there adventures.
Jose & Sarah Echevarria's '67 Volkswagen Camper and '57 Heilite trailer. These pictures were taken from . A great VW bus site.

Hey found some more recent pictures. thanks, Jose
Heilite sold on E-bay in 1998 or 1999. I don't know who bought it or where it is now, so if you have any info on it please email me.
Submitted by Elizabeth Bauer This trailer has been in her family since the early '50's, and has a lot of family history. To read more click here and enjoy.
I have enclosed 2 pictures of my 1957 Heilite behind my 1978 VW Rabbit. The Heilite tows great and the tent is in very good condition. People are always asking me what it is. On my California title I found the id number 1804 and year 1957 From what I understand this Heilite spent many of its years garaged. The original tent is in very good condition. The canvas trailer cover has a couple of small patches. Owned by Curt Scheberies
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