Heilite Heilite Valiant (2 Wheel Trailers)

Heilite Trailers were built by the Heilite Manufacturing company founded in 1953 and located in Lodi California. They built three different models. The most important to this site is the single wheel, but they also made 2 different model 2 wheel models. It is unclear which model came first or if they were both built as competing models. The Valiant uses a completely different design and splits open down the middle and folds out to either side. This trailer offers more sleeping area and is the largest of the Heilite fleet. It also appears, that the early Valiant's were made of an aluminum body, while later the body panels were replaced with fiberglass. This trailer opens in the rear middle and is stepped up into as in a more convensional pop-top camper trailer. If you have any further info, brochures, advertisements, please email .
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Found this on Craigslist: 1966 Heilite tent trailer - Classic 1966 Heilite tent trailer. all original and in great shape. even has original tail lights. these aluminum tent trailers were made in Lodi. this is the two wheeled Valiant model. three new 12" tires and wheels. two new hubs with all new bearings, seals, and bearing buddies. lightweight and easy to tow by just about any vehicle, even most 4 cylinder engined vehicles.
Found this one ebay: Vintage 68 Heilite Tent Trailer CA blk plate restorable Vehicle Description Vintage RESTORABLE 1968 Heilite Valiant two-wheel tent trailer This is an amazing tent trailer, very rare. Try searching eBay, or for that matter, the Web to find one. This beauty has new tires and a clear title. She's not currently registered, but retains the highly coveted California black plates. The trim should be redone, the wood needs a good sanding and a coat of paint, and she could use a good overall cleaning. The tent frame is in good shape, and, as you can see from the pictures, holds the canvas up well. The canvas is usable with some patching. The windows are in good shape, with a few repairable tears. New canvas is readily available from multiple vendors. There are nine zippers, two for each of the four windows, and one for the door. Only one out of the nine is off track, and the others work well. I can't recall if the towing lights work, so be prepared to bring a set of your own just in case. All leveling jacks work and work well, all five of them -- just need a good cleaning. I'm not sure of the dimensions, but you can tell from my micro- car that it's a small trailer, easily towable by even a VW. The weight is estimated at 350 pounds, but I move it around myself, alone, with absolutely no difficulties whatsoever. Be the envy of the camping world, and travel in style. The hitch is a 1 and 7/8ths inch hitch.
Here's some pictures taken at Pinecrest Lake, California in August 2003. Picture 136 is my sisters' (Barbara Wilson) and picture 104 is my trailer (Gordon Wilson) I bought my trailer (1965 model) from someone at my office who's father-in-law bought it new. I had a new canvas made for mine after I got it. My sisters trailer came from someone in San Jose (found on Ebay) who's aunt and uncle bought the trailer new. Her model (1963) has the original canvas. My parents purchased a Heilite single wheel in the 70's and we camped in that all over the U.S. Thanks for maintaining the single wheel web site, I look at it often, and the auctions on Ebay often mention your site.
Found this ad on Ebay, " Classic HEILITE, Pop up Tent Trailer Vintage Heilite, Pop up, tent trailer.. Purchased from original owner.. Yr model 1964... Trailer is in excellent condition for it's age.. Canvas not dirty or musty, one small tear at the edge of rear screen.. Made from aircraft aluminum.. storage compartments on both sides. Tires look good, with spare.. One of the stabilizer legs has the extender missing... Very easy replace, they are made out of metal conduit...One tail lite lens missing.. Several snaps on the trailer body are missing, the snaps on the canvas cover are good.. Here is your chance to pick up a desirable vintage tent trailer.
Found this on The Samba.com 1969 Heilite Tent Trailer **Rare** - $1500 This is a hard to find vintage tent trailer. Excellent for towing behind your VW. It is all original and has the original owners manual. Sleeps 4. Has storage compartments for all of your gear. More pics available.
Photos of my Folks, 1967, Heilite camper, as a kid , in Family Five, my to older sisters would sleep on one side, myself on the same bed on the side, and Two older brothers on the floor, of the camper, my parents would take the other side bed of the camper, traveled 1967, to northern Michigan, 1970 Florida, 1972, Grand canyon, and a place in north port Mi, That my parents own, right on the Bay, camp Five times, through each year, we have own the camper 18 years, saddly to say im sorry that my father sold the camper 1985, if I had started my Hammer dulcimer playing, in 1983, I would Have brought the camper from my Father, they are, [ Heilite camper] not easey to Find, in 1992, I started My dulcimer playing, so I Have brought, an apache Tent Trailer, ownly way to load the camper, in the back of the camper, camper back door, unlike Heilite side Doors, you can load your stuff when camper is close, inside the camper, through slideing doors. Sent by Luke Kawecki
I was recently given this trailer and I am looking into restoring. I'm looking for any information or resources I can find.  Thanks for any help you can provide. Michael Rydman Benicia, CA
Found this two wheel Heilite on E-bay a while back. Interesting trailer, but these are the only pics of it I have. Sorry for the size, that's how they came.
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