Riverside Riverside

It has recently been reported that Riverside was a brand name used by Montgomery Wards. (Thanks Sterling Voth.) "Just wanted to say that the Riverside is a Montgomery Ward's Trailer as that was one of their brand names and the sticker on the trailer shows the M W symbol to the left of it that is the stylized Montgomery Ward Corporate Logo from the 60's on up. Riverside was their name for Lawnmowers, tires, batteries, outboards, boats, camping equipment and a host of other products. I remember seeing some of these type trailers for sale in the local Montgomery Ward store in Baton Rouge back in the early 60's. Were in the lawn and garden department where they also sold outboard motors and bateau boats and canoes." The wheel appears to possibly have leaf spring fork assembly similar to that of the Allstate Box trailer. With out any close up pictures of the wheel assembly this can't be confirmed but the wheel assembly is definelty different from that of the other Montgomery Ward trailers. If you have any info, please let know.
This trailer is owned by Jesse. I lost Jesse's contact info when my computer crashed. But has this page and the pics uploaded to the website and just found them.
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