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Model: 64-KYO-13236-B

Montgomery Wards is one of the early retailers of the Single Wheel trailers, as early as the mid to late 40's trailers. This wheel assembly was built by the LA Young Spring and Wire Corporation, out of Oakland Ca. and has 750 lbs load capacity. One reference on the internet to the company is to a factory in Ontario Canada (Pictures below). Chrysler and Chevrolet bought out the different factory buildings in the late 50's and early 60's even though you can still make out the name of the company on the back of one of the factorys. Leonard A. Young obtained interest in the Detroit Wire and Spring company some time after 1908 and later named the company after himself: LA Young Spring and Wire Corp.
LA Young Spring and Wire Co LA Young Spring and Wire Co LA Young Spring and Wire Co LA Young Spring and Wire Co
The question still remains; Did LA Young Spring and Wire Co. build just the wheel assembly or this entire trailer? It would seem that they were more than capable of building the frame and box as well. If you have any info, literature or pictures of any other Montgomery Wards trailers drop a line and tell me about it.  
Found these pictures on various forums on
Found this on Craigslist: Classic Single Wheel Trailer - (High Desert) 1939 Single Wheel Trailer. This trailer is in great shape. Surface rust only. It has been in the family since the late 40's. Great to pull behind vintage car or street rod. Not registered and do not have bumper hardware.
Found this on Craigslist: 1950's Montgomery Ward metal trailer.. It has one wheel under the trailer bed and attaches to a reinforced metal bumper of car or truck. Great for the person who has a 1950's car or truck and wants an orginal trailer to pull behind it. It needs work and new bearings, but probably a hard to find item.
Found this on 1960s Single Wheel Trailer, Montgomery Ward & Company Single Wheel Trailer, Model # 64-KY0-13236-B, 1950's to 60's vintage style. Rusty, but restorable. Serial # badge still attached. Missing rear panel. Includes extra tire. No bumper mounting hardware.
Came accross this trailer at the 2010 Classic. It's a Montegomery Wards trailer Model: 64-KYO-13236-B, but never ran accross the owner. Very nicely restored trailer in great shape.
Found this for sale on E-Bay: Show winning 65 VW Karmann Ghia w/ 46 Montgomery Ward single wheel trailer. The trailer tows behind the ghia with no problems. Doesn't even feel like it's there. Base and custom hitch are all powdercoated. Many chrome accents. Matches perfectly with the ghia.
Guten tag! I just bought this 1947 One-wheeled trailer from a guy in Fairfield, CA. It came with the pink slip showing first year sold: 00/00/47. The frame was modified back in the 70's to the way it looks now, but it's more solid than the original design. I had to cut and re-weld the frame in a few spots because it was crooked, but I think it turned out really nice. The brass plaque on the mounting bar says L.A. Young Spring and Wire Corporation, Oakland California. I took some 0000 Fine Steel wool to it and it shined up really nice, almost like new. I took it in to Justin at Kombi Haus in Sacramento, CA, and Jimbo reinforced the back side of my bumper with a 5ft long, 3/8" x 2" wide steel bar and he bolted it right up the the bumper with the original U-shaped mounts. You know, after further inspection, the plaque says "Trailaway" and the Pink Slip says "00/00/47...TRAIL" You very well may be right about the wheel and spring, etc, but do you have any info on "Trailaway" trailers? or are Those the Monkey Wards trailers that you're talking about? Interesting! Don
I have had this single wheel trailer sense I was 12 or 13. I found it at the ruins of a house across the street from my parents house in the high desert of california. I have been unable to find any info on the trailer on the net. The tag says LA Young Spring & Wire Corporation Oakland Ca. Trailaway model 8 750 lb load capacity ser# is y8755. Here is a couple of pics. The last one shows the logo with almost visible writing that says trailaway. The plan is to drag it around behind my panel.
Hello,My name is Kathy Bergh. I have a '58 Metropolitan and was recently given a trailor in need of restoration. Gary Moen sent me to this site. I am currently in Auto Restoraion classes at a tech college. My teacher identified the box trailor as a home built with no usable pieces but the wheel is manufactured, and I will restore from the wheel up. I have attached several pictures. The part numbers (hard to read, but we are pretty sure) are as follows: brace from axle to joint - 1065-13 large plate above rubber cushion - 1065-13 plate that bolts to under side of bed - 1065-12. Here is my Met (May B. Knot) before I started a frame up restoration. Her seats and door panels are out at the moment, OK, for the rest of the year or so, becoming more Celtic. I didn't think to get a photo of the part of the trailer I was not going to use, but (as it is going to become my new welding table) I can pop it back together for a photo. Thank you for a very useful site, and the ID on the wheel. Owned by Kathy and Phil
Found this on The Samba. Old Vintage Montgomery Wards single wheel bumper mount trailer. Popular with the vintage VW crowd. This trailer needs paint and sandblasting in some places as there is surface rust. It isn't bad-just pitting rust so there is plenty of paintable trailer there for your project. The only attention spot is at the bottom of the left side panel. Any competant body man or paint shop will weld in a replacement panel for you. The wheel assembly pictured is included. It's about 3 1/2 feet by 4 feet and the sides are detachable. The bumper arms are there with what looks like the bumper mounts but I am no expert so don't quote me on the mounts. Individual castor wheel assemblies are for sale in a separate post.
I added my info to the registry, but thought I would send off some pics of the new trailer I picked up. A bit on the steep side, $350, but I just wanted one behind my bus. No plate information, sorry. Great site. Raul

Check out the pics, but there is surface rust, pitting in areas, and a few of the welds on the frame will need to be reinforced. The wheel is also cracked and should be replaced. Light is not wired. Glass on reflectors and light is scratched. Still, a good base to restore from. Thanks.
My buddy Mark sent me these pictures from the Wolfsburg Wickedest show in Oct 2003 in Northern California. I really appreciate his pictures. If this is your trailer please drop me a line.
I'm the owner: I live in the south shore of Montreal Canada and my name is Benoit. I bought the trailer from Ebay from a gentleman of California. I imported the trailer 6 or 7 years ago to restore and fit with my 66 beetle. This year I've buy those vintage Honda mini trail (Z 50 and QA 50) to put in the trailer. Goal is to match color and finish the set up .... I Will keep you inform when was done. Thx for the site, it is great and a lot of very good information and inspiration. Benoit Phenix, St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec, Canada.

Found this on E-bay and sold for $269. You are bidding on a vintge Montgomey Wards utility trailer from the 50's or 60's. I don't know anythind about this trailer other than it has no rust and is complete. It looks like the front hitch has been modified at some point. It has wing nuts that hold the sides and rear tailgate on that can be removed. Owner unknown.
Found this add on Ebay, don't know if it sold. Montgomery Wards single wheel luggage pull trailer. 1946 Vintage! Black with Blue pin stripping. Interior is fully carpeted. Approximately 4 x 4 foot box area, one foot deep. Oak Stake Sides add ANOTHER foot of depth to cargo space. Excellent condition, restored several years ago. VERY little use since restoration. Chromed tail light housings, Chromed rear Bumper. Spares include tire and tube, replacement spring, axle and misc. hardware. Cargo Tie Down Cleats around entire perimeter of floor area. Varnished oak stake sides under toneau cover. Now Owned by Gerald Martin.
Owned by Greg Banfill of Vintage Warehouse. Montgomery Ward and Company One Wheel trailer MODEL 64-KYG-13236-B SERIAL #M8490. Previously owned by Salvatore Scolaro.

These Pics are from Greg's site. Thanks greg.
All sides unbolt to make it a flatbed. Identity tag located on drivers side body mount. Montgomery Wards & Company Model# 64-KYD-13236-B Serial# M11233 Capacity 750lbs Owned by: 'G-man' Of Phoenix AZ Submitted by Wade, check out his site And a couple I took from the classic, before it sold. Previously owned by Randy Pickton.
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