Heilite Heilite Viking (2 Wheel Trailers)
Viking is the largest Heilite trailer

Heilite Trailers were built by the Heilite Manufacturing company founded in 1953 and located in Lodi California. They built three different models. The most important to this site is the single wheel, but they also made 2 different model 2 wheel models. It is unclear which model came first or if they were both built as competing models. The Viking appears to be very closely related to the design of the single wheel. This model used a similar tent design to that used on the single wheel model in that it opens out to the passanger side but was larger and had an awning which may have been an optional add-on. The other 2 wheel Heilite trailer is the Valiant. Both are just as ingenious as their single wheel counterpart. If you have any further info, brochures, advertisements, please email .
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My friend Beto brought this trailer to the Classic 03 weekend. I got as many pictures as I could, but there were too many busses around to open the trailer up to see the quality of the canvas.
I have found another one out in a field. This one, however, is a double wheel trailer. The owner said it has been there for 14 yrs! I just cant believe I have been driving around it for 7 years. Anyway, There is no canvas or even the framework. It is a 1965. The thing is real straight.

"I had my dad take a shot of his rig with the Heilite now complete. Well the complete that he asked for.. Anyway I thought that it would be cool to add an after pic to the 2 wheeled trailer.." Craig and Lisa Harkey
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