Unknown make
Unknown Manufacturer

Yet another unknown trailer make. This is an very interesting trailer. The two sides you see here are steel, while the front, rear and bottom of the trailer are all wood. It also has open square tubes for bows to make a covered wagon type of thing similar to the Trail-ege. trailers. Looking at the second picture, the tubes are visible. The front and rear of the trailer (I believe) should be made of removable planks that slide into place and are secured with a bolt.
The most interesting thing about this trailer is the suspension. In the last four pictures, you will see a form of leaf spring suspension. I have yet to tear down the trailer for clean up and restoration, so I'm not extremely sure how the whole thing works. So far this is the only trailer besides the Trail-ege to use a leaf spring, versus the more traditional coil spring for suspension.  Unlike the suspension of the Trail-ege, the suspension here is only half of a leaf spring.  It only connects to the trailer frame in the front, and the wheel assembly in the rear.  If you recognize this model or have something like it, please let me know. See the description below the Pics for more. 

Here are a few pics of my single wheel box trailer.

The Plan


Work being done

Parts needed

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