Trail-ege Trail-ege (Cincinnati Ohio)

It's unclear whether Trail-ege is the manufacturer of these trailers, but more than likely they were manufactured by a company using Trail-ege as the product name . The label on the example below reads Trail-ege and Cincinnati and the rest is no longer legible. As you can see by the photos it uses a leaf spring but also has a coiled spring between the fork and frame [fork shaft 1.5 dia. x 2 1/8 nut]. The trailer measures 42" x 54" and altogether weights about 225 lbs. The frame is 3 1/2" u channel with a cast pc to join them, it has a removable bearing which is over 4" in dia. and 2in thick [its kind of like a single wheel on steroids]. The floor is all wide wood planked bolted to the trailer bed. If you have any info, literature or pictures of any other Trail-ege trailers drop a line and tell me about it.
Found this while surfing the H.A.M.B.:
Day or two after reading this post I found this on craigslist. Come to find out the guy who was selling the trailer has had it in the family since 1938. His dad was owed money and this was collateral. The last time it was on the road was 1978 he put a new tire on it pulled it once and parked it. I greased everything up and made a receiver hitch for my daily. The guy i bought it from was 84 yrs old, flew B-24's stateside during WWII, and was full of stories. The original owner could not find the title, so we re-registered it as a 1938 home built. It's probably older than that, but his dad got it in '38.
I just picked this trailer up. I have no idea what make it is. It is a very cool trailer though. i plan on restoring it and pulling it behind my 57 VW Beetle. I am very anal when it comes to keeping things original. So, it will definitely keep the original bed. It appears to be all original except maybe the legs on the front. I looked at the trail-ege on your site and it does look very similar! this trailer was found in Forney, Texas, now its in Ft Worth, TX. Jerry Browne
This trailer is submitted by, Bill Brower. I just purchased it from a guy in Minnesota who said he received it from the original owner years ago and that the trailer plate that was last on it was in 1960. It's hard to tell but to the best I can guess the original color was gray. Its been under tarp for many years and has little damage except for just surface rust, it should clean up well.

I just wanted to give you an updated photo of my trail-edge. I replaced the original TRAIL-EGE bed with a custom fabricated wood body in the style of an Allstate Trailer. It's made entirely of wood and has an oak plank floor. The lights were sourced from E-bay . I custom fabricated the hitch assembly in square tube and a local trailer distributor furnished the hitch balls. The whitewall tire is a Cushman 4:00 x 8 and is available thru Coker Tires. I've been on a number of long Interstate trips with the trailer and it cruises at 60 MPH, very stable and tracks beautifully.
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