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Sears Allstate Tag-a-long

Since we first started this site, we have hunted for the most popular and most produced single wheel trailer. The elusive Sears Allstate Tag-a-long. Being the most popular trailer, when they do come up for sale, they tend to go pretty quick. We've come close on a couple of deals, but either they were a little to far away or they wanted too much. None the less, this trailer somehow, just kept evading our ownership. One day while surfing Craigslist, we came across the ad below. While the ad was for a Vespa Ape, there was reference at the end of it for a one wheel trailer. With no mention about model, manufacturer or anything more than just a "one wheel trailer", I had to take a chance. After some negotiation, it was done, and luckily I have family in Mesa AZ who were happy to pick it up and store it. Below is the ad:

"1964 Bajaj Vespa Ape Vintage Not Fiat Isetta - (Paradise Valley Arizona) 1964 Bajaj Autoriksha which is the same as a Vespa Ape, a three-wheeled utility vehicle made in Italy in the '50s and 60s. Vespa in Italy licensed Bajaj in India to make these in the '60s and '70s. Purchased by Bob Darnell of Vespa fame from the Phoenix Parks Dept., rebuilt by Bob and then serviced by him again about three years ago. I had this licensed for the street in Arizona. Good title. We re-serviced this again about one year ago. Runs very strong. Will do 45 mph., no problem. Paint has some cracks and fading. No rust, excellent metal. Seat back needs re-upholstery. Excellent runner, needs only cosmetics. This also has the attach points for a small Sears one-wheel trailer. The trailer is available separately. Have more photos. Located west of Scottsdale Road and south of Lincoln Drive. Drive it home."

After I had the deal all worked out, my Dad went out to pick it up, and while he drooled over the Ape, that just wasn't in the budget. He brought the trailer home to his house where it will reside until we can make a run out there.

Here are a few pics of our Allstate Tag-a-long trailer.

The Plan


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