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Very little to No information is known on the following single wheels. If you know of any information on any of these trailers or the the manufacturer please contact .
I just bought a singlewheel trailer but cannot find any information about it. I hope that you can tell me: Brand, type and year, I dont have the materials to install it to my vw oval bug so i dont know how it has to be installed and how it looks and what the measseurs are. Greetings from The Netherlands, Raoel Great website you have!!!! www.aircooled-kodok.nl
monotrail 120, converted from a mobility trailer, used it for a few years on the camper, takes all the gear !! and as it doesn't articulate its a doddle to tow around, only have a couple of pictures of it being used, the sides and cover were hashed up by me out of an old crate to see if the idea I had worked, which it did, so when they inevitably fell apart, plan was to copy the idea using quality timber etc... but with it stripped to the chassis it hasn't gone any further, and with the camper gone too now I doubt it ever will. It comes with its own tow ball and backplate, which can be used for conventional trailers, and a spare wheel and instructions, blank canvas really, build what you want on it. I will take some more pics of it as is in the morning!
Found this on Craigslist: ONE WHEEL TRAILER - (DENVER) - Are you looking for a trailer that will pull nice and easy and that you do not need a trailer hitch to pull it????? Then this is the trailer just for you. So come and take a look for your self.
Found this surfing the web on http://justacarguy.blogspot.com.
I just got this trailer out of garage where it has been stored since 1973.At least that is the date on the licence plate.It looks pretty much original.Can you help put a manufacturer to it.....Thanks for now...Rick
Here's a different solution to the swivelling wheel, using fixed wheel with coil-spring piston controlled parallelogram towbar. I bought it in France a few years ago. There's no maker's plate, unfortunately, but it does look like a commercially made item. Hope you find it interesting. Allan Boyle, Market Overton, U.K.
Found this on Craigslist: Single/Mono Wheel Trailer - Selling single wheel trailer. Condition "GOOD". New tire, solid body. Great for towing behind your VW/Volkswagen Bus. A must have for the VW Classic.
Found this on Craigslist: single wheel trailer - this trailer has been in the family for many years but i have a pickup truck and do not need it as much as i need the room..sorry the pictures are only of the bottom and sides if needed i can get better pictures ... it is in great condition brake lights and all work you may have to change the plug to fit your needs. it has a single wheel that pivots in the center and measures (sides 12 inches width 42 inches and the box is 5 feet).. it has been of great use to us and can stand up to store let me know if you have any other question and thanks for looking.
This trailer appears to have the same wheel assembly as one below owned by Toby Pond.
I just bought this and your website is the only one I found that is offering any kind of info on it. Do you recognize this or can lend any info on its origins? It mounts in two places up front but has two swivel wheels at the rear with independent springs, thank you, Joe Bruns

Found this while surfing the H.A.M.B.
Hi, I was wondering if you'd be able to identify a trailer I have unearthed over here in the UK - it's been buried under a tree for nearly 20 years however it still looks to be in excellent condition. Any info you could offer would be excellent. Regards, Sean Moore
Hi there I found your site and thought you of anyone may be able to help me with some information and possibly to aquire a few missing bits or leads to some parts. I am enclosing a few pictures of the latest single wheeled trailer I have purchased. I would like to find out what kind of trailer it is and if you had any pictures of the original wheel configuration. I would like to make/find/adapt a wheel for it. Mitch
Hey there, It's Nate formerly from CA (w/ the Wards teardrop), now living up in WA state. I just picked up another SW trailer and can't ID it. Here's a couple pics. . . Any ideas?? BTW, the tag on the side is just a piece of aluminum with a WA state created vin# on it, not a manufacturer tag. Talk to you later. . . Thanks!! Regards, Nate Morse Owner, ProVolks Anacortes, WA (360) 299-8860 Nate's AircooledTech http://www.aircooledtech.com
Howdy. I think I have a Anthony Trailer. I have been meaning to send pics for years but always forgot. I know it is not pretty, but if it is an anthony, I notice that you do not have other pics. Jon Terry
Found this on CraigsList: MOTORCYCLE TRAILER One Wheel Trailer. One Wheel Motorcycle Trailer. Yes, it sounds crazy but it's actually well engineered. I have used it to haul my 60's Triumphs. I would not recommend using it on anything larger than a 450-500 lbs bike. It would be perfect for dirt bikes, enduros ect... Well made out of aluminum with steel suspension and axle.
Found this on E-bay - Located in Sweden-Vintage Single Wheel Trailer 50'sMade of steel tubing. Installs at the rear of the car with special fittings which of course are included. The wheel can turn all the way around and follows the direction of the car. The bed measures 1,2 x 1,2 meters, equal to 4 ft x 4 ft. No rust, has been stored indoors and unused for many years. Proudly made in the 50's here in Sweden, the rim says "Ekebykärran" "Hörby Bruk". Fresh paint, new whitewall tire, new wires to the Model A Ford taillamp. Ready to tow behind your vintage automobile.
Found this on Ebay: Up for sale is a restored single wheeled trailer. Designed to fit early VW Bugs. It may fit later but I have not tried. This is what is called a skid turn trailer the wheel is fixed and slides through the turns. It has all new hardware, wheel and tire, shocks, and black powder coat paint. wieght is 95 lbs.

Now owned by John Young: We just returned from our Iowa tour (we dodged the tornados and floods) with Moonlight (or '78 bus). We trailered up and back in our 18' enclosed trailer and that worked fine except for the huge South headwind coming home that killed our mileage - oh well. The little one wheel trailer was a huge hit. It rode up and back strapped to the inside front wall of our trailer. Lots of looking and head scratching about the single wheel being fixed and not swiveling. However, it worked great. Very little tire wear that I can see, the bearings ran cool the entire trip, we could back up, park etc. with no problems at all. The hitch flexes enough to let the trailer bank into turns and you just do not know it is there. I put a rear window lens on to be able to see the trailer, worked great. Here are a few pix of the setup, it did all I had hoped and more. Everywhere we stopped we drew crowds and lots of questions and bus and one wheel trailer stories of course. This trailer is just the ticket and so well made (thanks to Sam Worbes). Folks just were amazed at it's construction and how well it worked. We had some doubters (we were in Iowa remember) and I noticed they jockyed around to get behind us and follow to observe. I overheard several discussions about the trailer and that it would or would not work - so funny. We used a large rooftop bag with a liner that kept our suitcases comletely clean and dry. I just used a spider to bind it down and we had no problems at all. The last photo is in front of the "worlds largest pile of corn cobs". Now aren't you sorry you read this far? How Iowa can one get. Cheers, John Young, San Antonio
Found this on E-Bay: one wheel car trailer. this is a one wheel box trailer it is 5' bt 4' it is totally box in it is great to drive behind a car or truck is goes where you go with one wheel it lifts up on the back so you can load quite a few things in it and they will always be dry..it has a title and is with a plug on it for lights. i traveled back and forth from michigan to az. quite a few times. any one can drive. any questions or concerns please e-mail me and thanks for looking.
Found this on E-Bay: Close-up of the single-to-double hitch the previous owner made. I had to use a 1.25" to 2" adapter to pull it behind my Jetta. Was a little squirly even though I went no faster than 60mph. Definitely will be stable once I make a real hitch for my Squareback. The top wooden box comes off the lower metal box. The wooden box has a door and the lower box has a drop-down tailgate. Since I backed the trailer in the driveway the castor is further under the trailer. When I pull the trailer forward, the castor will pivot 180-degrees, thus placing the castor further rearward. Odd looking (original?) safety chain clip. Has a Zerk fitting so the pivot can be lubricated. Nice! I took two of the C-channel side braces that were used to hold the wood panels and with a little drilling, cutting, welding, and two polyurethane castor wheels, made them into removable legs that can be used to support and move the trailer for the time being. The upper bolt screws into a nut I welded to the back of the C-channel. The bottom bolt passes all the way through and is loosely secured with a nut -- not really necessary, just used to keep the leg from wobbling forward and backward. Next time I think I'll make the legs flare out from the trailer some more to provide better stability as well as make them shorter so more weight is on them and not the rear tire. If I'm not careful I can put the trailer on one of its rear corners.
Found this on Ebay: SINGLE WHEEL TRAILER - JOHN DEERE - FARMAL - This trailer frame is made of heavy duty 2 in. angle iron from a John Deere hay rake. The tail wheel assembly is off a John Deere # 8 mower. It measures 42 in. wide & 40 in. long. Just the right size for a tractor ride trailer. It has a adjustable tool bar hitch that adj. to fit most tractor draw bars. It could be converted to a 3 point hitch very easy. The tire is weather checked but holds air. E-mail with questions. Must be picked up in Marshalltown Ia.
Hi, I have a single wheel trailer at my home in France. It is very well made but dont know if it is a private attempt or a manufacturer. The tyre is bald so it has been well used, there is an old newspaper in the box dated 1978 so I should think it is '60 or early '70 made. Any ideas? Cheers Terry Saxby
I found in an old french magazine, Touring 1/ 1958, a picture with a little text from an ERAH boat with the tow hook at the front. Report and picture accompanies under FR 6. Sent by our friend Karl.
A visiter to the site sent me a link to a forum at www.old-droppers.com where I found these 3 unidentified trailer pictures.
This trailer is the same as my Box Trailer (AH). Yes, that's my trailer, almost to a fault. my tie down hooks are lower down, at about frame height, but otherwise it's the same down to the rust. Rather than cutting and welding, I'm thinking about just having a metal shop fabricate new sides using the originals as templates. They are simple enough that it shouldn't cost too much. Also, I think the suspension is a quarter elliptic system. It looks similar to what you'd find on early Sprites,and that's what they had. In answer to your question about the wheel, I don't have the axle, bearings, or the rim. The box channels in the bed sides of my trailer have wood inserts which I think might have been for drop in slatted wood sides (like you see on flat bed trucks). The license plate light and taillight mounts are probably not original. (you were right about the upside down light) They're gonna go away as soon as I start stripping the frame down. I've already made arrangements to have new wood cut for the front/rear and bottom of the trailer. Probably, I'll go with nice beech plywood for looks. I'm pretty sure that the hitch components are original. The welds that hold the mounting plate on look to be of the same craftsmanship as the rest of the welds on the trailer. As far as the aircraft pins go....who knows. They are actually part of the reason that I originally thought that the trailer was an Anthony (looking at the ad you have posted, the hardware appears to be the same). Does your wheel have a separate, bolt on hub, or are the wheel bearings carried in the wheel? Owned by Scott Halle

Apparently this trailer has been sold a couple of times now and this would be the most recent ad from Craigslist.org. Pretty sure it already sold:
Vw singlewheel trailer - $400 All o.g, tire even holds air. Small amont of rust on the bed sides. Everthing else all in good condtion. Bed floor and tailgate have slots for wood. This would make a great acc for any VW owner!You will not find a single wheel in Az for this price.
Unknown trailer Adelaide South Australia Hi, had this trailer given to me the other day regards, Peter
I e-mailed you a while ago with a pic of my harris trailer that I had found in my town. At that time I had a frame and wheel assembly for a allstate trailer. I sold the allstate on the Samba to a guy in Nevada that wanted me to drop it of at his brother in laws house who lived in the same town as me. Turns out the guy only lived a block away from where I live. So I delivered it and forgot about it. That is until there was a garage sale at the house across the street from the brother in law, as I was browsing the sale I noticed a one wheel trailer sticking out of some blackberries. I asked about it and they gave it to me. So here is a pic. Not sure what it is. I looked at your site and could not match it up, and there are no marks except that it is patented, however there is no number. The tire is a riverside (ward) Tell me what you think. I will take some better pics too if you would like. Owned by Toby Pond.
This single wheel trailer appears to be older model. It's currently registered with license plate and the date showed 1964 because the date for the trailer was unknown. it's a very strong trailer and comes with new tire, wheel bearing and it needs wiring harness to complete the trailer. As shown on photos you will see that the arms has been welded and added for hitch balls. I was planning on using it for my old bus but I have several trailers and have no use for this trailer. Owned by Sal

Updated pictures This trailer is a heavy duty trailer and rides very smooth. It's all wired neatly. It's currently wired for US version tail lights but can be changed to European. It comes with cargo net, 2 brackets with hitch balls. It's currently registered. Owned by Sal.
Was hoping you could help me out in identifying this trailer. Who manufactured it, what year, what is it worth etc. It is an all metal trailer, both sides and bed. The wheel (4.00-8 tire) has a hydrolic shock vs. leaf springs, there is no identifying tag or markings anywhere. Ever seen anything like this? Owned by Matt.
Found this on ebay. "Not sure if this is an allstate or not. There is a tag on the front but its rusty and I can't read it. Looks like someone startedto redo it but I am not positive. The tire is flat. Cool looking little rig. The legs fold up."
It has a galvanized steel box bolted to a welded aluminum frame, so rust should never be a problem, plus it's very lightweight. The arms holding the wheel say "Trailcar, Oakland,CA & Chicago,Ill". There is a hinged lid w/prop rod and two compartments inside. Owned by John Kyte Contact Chris and Thanks for looking.
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