Brevete Chaigneau

(11-3-2006) We recently learned that "Brevete S.D.G.D" in french indicates a patent, registered without guarantee of the government. Lars Brandow emailed us also explaining that he believes the companys name is Chaigneau as it is stated at the top of the emblem in one of the pictures below. This is a french single wheel trailer built in Suresnes near Paris by Chaigneau There is a little information known about this trailer manufacturer, except that it does resemble a Calberlah trailer. If you have any info, literature or pictures of your Chaigneau send them to so we can share update this info.
We received this in our email over 2 years ago and when going through old email came across it again:
Hello, I am looking for a single wheel trailer for my '66 beetle convertible for a year now. During my search I found your site and it's a great site! I never knew that there are so many different brands. The trailer in the photo's attached is offered to me now. I believe it is a Chaigneau. It is restored in original condition. Do you have any idea on what such a trailer is worth? I can imagine it is hard to say but maybe something between .. and ..? Thanks in advance, Rob Poels The Netherlands
Very rare single wheel trailer specialy made for Volkswagen split window, KDF, Brezelfenster. Needs to be repaint. but it's complete, including the mounting brackets.
I have bought a single wheel trailer, but i can't find what type it is. Please can you help me. Here are some picture's of it. I can't find a type plate or any numbers on it. The trailer is complete, and was used for an volkswagen beetle early fifty's. Willy Heesakkers

Rare Single wheel trailer. Special made for early VW's. made in France by Brevete. The trailer is rusted but not rotten and complete including the hooks for mounting to the rear bumper. If you want to see more pictures please mail me.

I am the owner from the single wheel trailer posted on your site. I have found an ID plate om it and it is made in france by Brevete S.G.D.G in Suresnes near Paris.
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