Calberlah Calberlah

I apologize, but the information on the Calberlah trailer is extremely limited. There is a little more information in a vintage brochure on the Vintage literature page, but it is German. If you have any info, literature or pictures of your Calberlah send them to so we can share with everybody.
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Found this on Single Wheel trailer Calberlah! A rare single wheel trailer from Germany called Calberlah Huckepack. Almost complete. Only missing the parts for mounting to the bumper brackets.
here I send you some pictures of my singlewhheel-trailer. Sorry but I don't have any more information of it. I'm also just waiting for information form someone in Germany who told me he also owns a singlewheel-trailer of "Sommer". When I get theses information I will send them to you. Owned by Christoph Weyers. (See Vintage literature for more)
Here are some images from Carsten Reeder's trailer, a german VW enthusiast. He has a euro single wheel trailer Submitted by Jon Lane of the Der Kafer Fahrer.It was made in the late 50s or early 60s in a town called Hannover in Germany.  The producer was a company called "Calberlah" and the name of the model was "Huckepack". Huckepack is German and means backpacked. There where at first some made with only one shock absorber and later with two. When unloaded the trailer can be clamped up onto the engine lid so it can be carried without having to pull it (See Vintage literature for more)
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