The Ibex by Bob SingleWheels In Production

The premise of this site was to be informational and encompass all the different vintage models of the SingleWheel auto trailer.  Soon it became clear that to be a true, complete information source of SingleWheel trailers, vintage scooter trailers also needed to be included.  And well, if that is the goal, there is yet another group of trailers that should also be included, as they represent the present and future of the SingleWheel trailer.  The single wheel design is used in a number of facets in today's living and they will be compiled and represented here.  Enjoy. 
Not sure if they are still in business: Hello, I found another single wheel link that is worth noting especially from my situation wherein I just need the swivel wheel assembly this company sell just that They us two hubs one for the wheel and one bolted to a plate on the underside of the trailer I will send a picture when I finally get my trailer built Regards, Jim Cotter Double Hitch
Solman from New Mexico sent me the link as he had just ordered one of these trailers: Motorcycle Trailers you can Tow Behind your Trike, Cargo Motorcycle Trailers to Pull Behind your Bike. Visit them at The Best Motorcycle Trailer
Contact Bertil Olsson at Packass Single Wheel trailer for more information
Bonjour, First of all, i apologise for my bad english.... Please find enclosed two photos of my 535 Royal-Enfield Bullet with my new Inder singlewheel trailer. The trailer is a 2008 model made by Indertools in India. As you can see, it looks like very much a Pav trailer. A friend of mine bought it for me from the belgium importer . These trailers are not imported in France yet. The price is quite expensive ( 850 euros )......i guess it would have been a lot cheaper if i would have been ble to buy directly from India. I hope you will find it interesting. Best regards Claude FABRE. Inder Single Wheel trailer
Third Wheel Trailers: I find your comments very interesting and the reason I send you this note, is to inform you that I have a trailer for behind a motorcycle. I’ve also met Mark, the owner from “Uni-go” and I do like their trailer aswell, except for it aerodynamics, I think they did a great job though. I’ll send you my info, should you wish to know more. Third Wheel Trailers, Aylmer On, Ph 519 521 4797 Sincerely Juan Third Wheel Trailers
I am a little manufacturer of a singlewheel-trailer named moppedhänger. You can see it on the attached photos. This is a Harley Davidson Shovel 1980, but it is possible, to built it for every other bike or small car (old or new).The trailer would be alike in every particular, for example same fender, wheel, colour, lights. (The picture 0017. is a Harley-Davidson WLA 1942). At the moment, I will design a box in form of a Harley tank instead of the load floor. Best regards, Andreas Schmidt. Visit Moppedhaenger
The ultimate single wheel transport system for your motorcycle, ATV, golf cart, go cart, etc. The Swivel Wheel Transport System is a new single wheel design "type" system, available for interfacing with selected tow vehicles and Fifth Wheel travel Trailers with a Class-III or Class-IV receiver hitch installed. Swivel Wheel
Meet Bob. Bob Trailers appear to be a very cool creation on an the old scooter trailer design.  The Bob Yak has made long road rides taken back country rides to a whole new level, the IBEX and the use of suspension has been a great advancement in an already great idea.  See these impressive trailers at Bob Trailers.
This is the Cyclope one wheel trailer from manufactured by Lamoureux & Genereaux Enr. It looks to be very nicely built trailer with lines reminiscent of the PAVs and other classic trailers. Manufactured in Canada.  Visit them at Cyclope2000.
The Freebird is the only motorbike trailer in our collection that uses just one wheel. This one-wheeled trailer is very maneuverable and fast (test have been don up to 180 Km/h). Therefore, this is a motorbike trailer which increases the user possibilities of a motorbike.  The Freebird has a capacity of 200 liters and is also made of high quality glass fiber reinforced polyester. Visit them at Schuring Motor and Scooter Trailers.

So you want a trailer behind your bike to carry more gear, but don't want some huge cumbersome contraption restricting your bikes performance and handling ability. Well, the Uni-Go trailer is for you. Manufactured in New Zealand.  Visit Uni-go at their site Uni-go Trailers.
Think about it, single wheel trailers have always made sense, especially for a motorcycle. The bike creates a single tire track when traveling down the road, it only makes sense for the trailer to do the same Manufactured in the US.  Visit N-Line at their site N-Line Trailers.
Destination Hardware represents the art of getting there. It's something we've been perfecting for nearly 25 years. We design our products for the enthusiast who's headed out on an adventure. If it carries the Yakima name, you can be sure it meets the highest standards of function, quality and convenience. Visit Yakima at their site Yakima Products.
Smart Trailers are the only manufacturer that I have found still producing single wheel car trailers. I've talked with Don Hazen, the owner, on a couple of occasions, and he is a good guy with a good product. Visit him and his trailers at Smart Trailers.  Tell him you saw his product here.

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