Harodene Assembly Unidentified Scooter/Motorcycle Trailers

Little to no information is known about these trailers.  If you have any info on this trailer or recognize it, please feel free to drop me a line and tell more.
Found this on Craigslist: One wheel motorcycle cargo trailer: heres a brand new aluminum frame caro trailer that pulls behind a motorcycle or car holds upto 120 lbs you wont even know its behind you . and is titled ! their are options for this trailer at extra cost - like cooler w/ rack and spare tire and luggage rack and rear led brake light spoiler. i have wiring harness too and motorcycle trailer hitches as well.
"Your site is fantastic! like it so much, very interesting and loads of information for me. I own a Motorkuli which is pulled by a moto guzzi 850GT. Regards, Hans" Hans sent the link to Ebay Germany which I ran the text through a German/English translator.: For the vintage motorcycle lovers, there is something different here ... and although my old unicycle - trailer! I once investigated, who has been the manufacturer. There will be a Polish brand called PREDOM. This of course without guarantee!! The good piece is ideal for motorcycles and scooters of the 30s to 60s. So I got my sample size with old Swede made before, so you can make a picture of it. The trailer is of course to prepare, because already there are some quirks, and even the paint is pretty bad. Also, the electrics should be re-laid. The rear light cover has been lost. Bad tires, etc. Certainly there is work to be done, but such a rare and supporters is to get a good alternative to campuses and Co.
Found this on EBay: Single wheel trailer with Harley FLH features, may be personnalized to match your motorcycle BIKE (color, original MFG accessories). Shell fab. in firberglass with very robust steel chassis. Its design will offert a remarquable stability The trailer weight 90 pound. Volume capacity : (180 cubic liters ) (6.3 cubic feet)
got one. hi i just bought a single wheel trailer in austria. cheers willli by the way: ist an "UNIDENTIFIED" cheers willi mahringer Mokka Medienagentur Gmbh Mariahilferstrasse 170 1150 Wien
Here are pictures of a single wheel trailer I don't know the make/model. I don't know who made it but it does'nt look like a self build.If you would like sizes let me know The first 2 are with the 'body' removed The last 2 are of the hitch. 8 inch wheel. Owned by  Pete Smallwood, President. Northern Harley Club, England. www.northernharleyclub.com
A buddy, Addi B who has sent me quite a few trailers in his travels recently sent me this unknown trailer.  Unknown single wheel trailer behind a scooter.  Submitted byAtti B
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