Motokuli Motorkuli Dimensions
32" long
20" tall
17" wide

The Motorkuli was designed and manufactured in Szeged, in Hungary, between 1967-1968. They produced a bit more then 3000 units, and the kulis were very popular, abroad too. There was two major types: initially the FV60 with rubber silent suspension, than the FV60T, with two telescopes suspension, abd 10kg plus load capacity. The change was sometime the second half of 1967, and most probably the second half of the 17xx frame numbers. (Info provided by ApaE) The trailer is approximatley 32 inches long, by 20 inches tall and about 17 inches wide. Please drop a note if you have one of these great little trailers or have any information on them.
Congratulations for the great site. I am living in Hungary, and a happy owner of a few Motorkulis. I thought, I can give you some more information on these great little trailers. The motorkuli is still the nicest looking, large capacity, extreemly smooth running, coolest motorbike trailer - at least in my eyes. In the attached zip file you can see my nicest motorkuli, it is restorated (altough had been sadly scratched since then), and in use, see the separate picture, where attached to my Pannonia P10 motorbike.Cheers ApaE
good shape, no body damage, hungarian made in the late 50's thru the 60's. very cool looking, has old stickers on it from lots of different countries, so it obviously worked well. steel body, 32" long, 20" tall, 17" wide. Found on Ebay, being sold out of Alabama.
Hallo, I live in Denmark and have a old motorkuli trailer without registrations paper. Can anybody help me with a copy of some documentation of this trailer. Jørgen
Hi, nice to see, that you are interested in one wheel trailers. I am driven a Heinkel scooter with such a motorkuli. I attach an image, that you can can an impression Andreas
This is a picture of Tom and Anna's Motorkuli still in Germany. This trailer was submitted by Tom and Anna.
Atti's Motorkuli in shipment on its way from Austria where it was purchased from.
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