Globe Scooter trailer Globe

The Globe trailer was manufactured by Globe Accessories Private LTD.  The documentation mentions that the trailer is the newest product in there line, but no mention of what there other products were.  The tow-gear is built of welded steel tube.  The trailer weighs 25 kgs has a permissible load of 30 kgs and has a maximum speed of 60 kmph (about 40 mph).  The box was made of either sheet steel OR aluminum.  The box length is 24" in length by 18" in width by 15" high.  The load capacity is 3.75 cubic feet.  If you have any info on this wheel assembly, feel free to drop me a line and tell more.
"I was going through my stuff and noticed I have information on the Globe single. I don't know much about it. Probably from the mid 60's when Globes were around. It looks much like the PAV... Get information included about it including how it may have been used for "Atomic Energy Establishments"! I have a website dedicated to scooter sidecars (singles that follow beside you - not behind!) Hope you can use it." Sent to me by Scott Melick from Scooter Sidecars
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