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"The Campi was made in East Germany by IWL. It was first offered as an option for the Berlin scooter. My best *guess* would be late 1959, although it may have been 1960. The Troll scooter replaced the Berlin and was made until IWL closed their doors in 1964. Campi's today are very scarce - especially lone examples not attached to an IWL. They are considerably larger than PAVs and have a 12" wheel. " Atti B. Please drop a note if you have one of these great little trailers or have any information on them. Eric Petersen has done more research and translation and found the following:
I've done a lot of research on the Campi (translation) and most of it's repetitive. There's only so much information about a trailer. IWL made a few examples of an open trailer, flatbed design, but all others were like the photo. The company operated under a socialist government so there wasn't much demand for standardization. The earliest trailers had 'bullet' type indicators on the side of the body while the later models (that were to be sold with the Troll) had flush, teardrop-shaped indicators. There are two tail light configurations, one is identical to the Berlin/Wiesel and the other is this honking, giant ugly thing that was marketed during the Troll era. IWL trailer electrical systems were designed to be plugged into the rear body of the IWL scooter, so owners who wanted a trailer had them modified by the dealership. Some IWL scooters can still be found with the original electrical connector built in, but they are rare and highly sought after by Germans.
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Found this while surfing the net, but I'm not sure where.
Found this on An East German scooter IWL model Berlin SR59 with very rare Campi trailer. 150cc 2 stroke engine.
Very nice website, and great pics. I have recently acquired a Campi in Holland, in very good nick. It is too big for my MZ, and my Panther already has a PAV plus sidecar. Kind regards, EJ Loon, Utrecht, Holland
Received this from an internet friend, Atti B, on his travels Thanks .
A Campi looks great behind a Maicomobil, like it grew there. This rig is being restored in Australia. Submitted by Atti B.
Here some pics and information about my restauation of an IWL Campi One Wheeler. I live in northern Germany. My Campi is behind an AJS 18CS and it works very fine. The weight is only 37kg and the max load is 40 kg. The place inside is enough for normal camping gear for two persons. When I ride with the trailer, often I look back because I am not sure is the trailer still behind me, because I dont feel different from riding solo. The main problem was to build the connection to the bike ("Kupplung" in german) and to get the ok from the german TÜV. Please look at my pics and mail me your further questions. Submitted by Jens Jacobs
Atti B owns this rare 1962 Campi trailer This trailer was submitted by Atti B.

This trailer is now owned by Eric Petersen. About 6 months ago I purchased Atti's IWL Campi trailer, which is listed on your website. I have slowly been restoring it, which has been no small task- the body had a giant crack in the floor. I will have it completely restored in a couple weeks, depending on the availability of a paint booth I need to use. It will be painted to match one of my Berlins- the trailer appears to have been originally painted black, then black & white, then tan, and finally the turquoise/blue you see in the photo (above)

Attached is a shot of Campi #03476. I'm still researching the best way to install the 'Campi" logo on the sides. My wife is an artist and calligrapher, so she could paint it on. I could also find someone to manufacture a waterslide decal, but that isn't how they were done originally.
Found in a basement in an abandond house, this trailer sat for some time undisturbed. Submitted by Atti B.
Links to Other Sites with info on Campi trailers: These sites are in German. I'm unable to read German so if anybody would like to translate, I would love to include more info about these trailers here.
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