Cycle Burro and Burito Dimensions
54" long
22" wide
95 lbs
100 lbs payload

Cycle Burro's appear to have first been maufactured in Michigan in the mid 70's and resembled that in the drawings of the patent. Information on the production of the trailer manufactured in Michigan is very limited, but sometime in the early 80's, the company was sold to Clyde Bear. He moved the company to Van Alstyne, TX and sold them up into the 90's. Mr. Bear made quite a few improvements from the original and even offered accessories like the "Boggler Bumper" and others. The original trailer had a fragile suspension and the forward stand, to allow it to stand up on it's own, was 2 separate side stands. He also redesigned the box cover. The original has the rear end of the cover shaped like the rear spoiler from a 70's era muscle car. The whole section toward the rear was raised a little taller, in a boxier design allowing for a greater capacity inside. 11 cubic feet to be exact

The Burito, is another model from the Cycle Burro company and was a no frills, less expensive option that still utilized the same body, chassis and hitch as the Cycle burro. The Burito, came with a black painted frame and stand, instead of chrome, reflectors, instead of side lights and either a black or white gel coat on the fiberglass body. to be the stripped down, economy version with less lites and chrome on it, but had the same box, wheel, and suspension equipment.

If you want to learn more about the Cycle Burro, the Burito or own a trailer and want to share, after you send pictures, visit the CycleBurro One Wheeled Trailer group. These folks are always looking for other Cycle Burro trailers and the people that haul them. As Clyde Bear would say "Happy Hualin". If you have any info on this trailer assembly, feel free to drop me a line and tell more.

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This trailer is now owned by Mehrdad Azarpay: Hi I just bought a Cycle Burro From a gentleman in Lynnwood, WA. but need to know where the VIN is located before I can get a title and a WA license plate. Also, it was built in Michigan but have no idea when. Thank you for any info and assistance you can provide.Here are a few pictures. I am planning getting it inspected and licensed first then restoring the chrome, replace the lights and repaint.

Found this on Craigslist: One wheel trailer - unique - This is a one wheel trailer designed to be pulled by a motorcycle. I was going to paint this up as a Coca Cooler and pull it with my scooter, but I sold the scooter. It is ready to go. Easy hook up. Texas registration, but not much detail there.
Found this ad on Craigslist: Pull behind motorcycle trailer - $600 (Hamburg NY) Unique "Single Wheel" pull behind motorcycle. Pulls great very light only 80lbs. Can disconnect and wheel into motel room. Originally made in Michigan by Cycle Burro but registered as a 2010 NY homemade. Has NY state registration. Comes with six wire harness for motorcycle (has extra wire built in). Pulled to Sturgis SD and back three years ago. Connection to luggage rack or hitch buyers responsibility. Completely refurbished new tire bearings bushings zerk fittings springs and lights. Back end looks like a Harley Davidson.

(The picture below is from) the Henry Ford Museum with my three friends Don , Bill & Dar standing behind my Trailer. We were on our way to Sturgis SD. They got a kick out of it. Thanks for adding the Photo's and info from our site. I have wanted a single wheel for a few years. Finally found the right buy in Texas on Craigslist. Bill and Dave were a great help with the rebuild/refurbish which we got done just b/4 Sturgis. Put 4,000 miles on it last year. This winter I re-bushed the Swing Arm and Hitch and added the Exhaust Pipes to mimic my Harley. Also added Zerk fittings. Still looking for a 10"cast wheel so it can run tubeless. Have to say "Single Wheel" is the way to go. Jim Walterich

This trailer is owned by Jim Walterich, before and after his the restoration. Found these at the CycleBurro One Wheeled Trailer group.
Found these at the CycleBurro One Wheeled Trailer group. This is Bill Barnes trailer
1974-79 Travel w/Cycle Burro. Three Cycle Burros all traveling together. 1974-1976 CB750's pulling cycle burros

Central Coast Classic Bike gathering 2010.

Here is Bill's trailer after it was restored to match his bike. Looks Great.
Found this on the forum, posted by Fire-plug: I have a one-wheeled trailer that I pull behind my KLR 650 and I love it, it is able to go trail-riding also due to the nice clearance. I had posted a write up on it with lots of photos at, search for "Trailer-One Wheeled". Did a 13,000 mile trip across the country pulling it, that's the way to travel.
Found these at the CycleBurro One Wheeled Trailer group. Both of these trailers appear to be equipped with the "Boggler Bumper". These pictures are believed to be promotional handout pictures from Clyde Bear.
I recently purchased this trailer it has coil springs for suspension. There is no information as to make I would say it has been around for a number of years. Owned by David.
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