My Phoenix Tear Drop


I bought the trailer back in April of 2002 from a guy I met who was into Model A's. I enjoyed this truck so much, I took a couple pictures of it.  He even started it up for me while we worked out the deal. This thing was amazing. I gray scaled the one picture as I thought it was a little more fitting. I especially enjoyed this photo, as it shows the front windshield popping out like the safari window option on split window busses.
Now about the trailer. Above are the pictures I took when I bought it. Here is what I know. From people I have spoken with, best estimates are that it was built in the 1940s or '50s. The trailer body is aluminum (of aircraft grade) made up of 6 pieces. Two sides, a top, a rear, a door and the bottom piece. The bottom is steel, around 1/4 inch thick. All of these pieces are riveted together in what appears to be aircraft quality work. This trailer is very well built. The body sits upon a steel tubing frame and a wheel assembly not like any other trailer I've seen. When not in use, there is a fold down leg in the front and another in the rear to keep the pressure off the tire. The interior is coated with a yellow/green coating with red letters that say "Alcoa". When I bought the trailer it was covered with a layer or two of tan house paint (brushed on) over a couple coats of macaroni and cheese yellow. Underneath the yellow is a brown coating, that I'm guessing is an anti-corrosion coating that is over the top of the Alcoa yellow.  Paint remover works great on the tan and Mac and Cheese yellow, but has no effect what so ever on the brown or on the Alcoa yellow. I've found that the only way to remove the under coat is with acetone a scouring pad and elbow grease.


Up to this point I've been unable to find any numbers, names or other markings on the trailer. This would suggest the possibility of it being home built, but according to the previous owner, he had owned two of these trailers at one point but sold one many years prior. The one he sold didn't have a rear leg so it was more than likely a different year of manufacture. If you recognize this trailer, please drop a line.

These photos are from the first excursion with this trailer.  A few buddies came down for the weekend and we all piled into my bus loaded up the trailer and went to the the Strictly Vintage Type 2's Famileinfest (2002) show in Escondido Ca. 
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