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Welcome to my '57 Heilite!
3 months after I started this site, my then girl friend (Sarah) and I piled into my VW bus for the Strictly Vintage 2's Bob Baker show in Carlsbad. After making a quick first round through the show, we were talking with some friends, when a very clean early Bay window VW Bus pulling a trailer, drives down the street to the show entrance. I ran to my bus, grabbed the camera and headed down the side walk after it. From what I had seen it looked real similar to the Heilite I had seen sell on eBay. As the man and his son climbed out of their bus, I was right there to great them with a hearty handshake and a "Hi my name is Aaron with", and before I could even spew the next word of my greeting, he pulled out some pictures and a For Sale sign. The pictures showed the trailer opened up and looked to be in great shape all for $495. As I'm standing there debating where to come up with the other $100, a friend walks up and says "Do you need money?" and hands me three hundred bucks just that quick. VW People are the best (Thanks Randy). Now I just needed to run down to the ATM for the other 2. As I'm walking back to my bus which is now completely blocked by other VWs, another friend has seen what is going on, and without a second thought hands me the keys to his sweet Double Cab and I'm off (Thanks Joe). Needless to say all worked out well and I now have a 1957 Heilite single wheel trailer in my garage. This page is designated to my Heilite as I never expected to have one, myself.  If you have any questions, drop a note.
Here are a couple of the pictures that the previous owner gave me of them camping in the trailer.  They towed it behind a very nice and clean early VW Bay window bus.

The previous owner told me that he got the trailer in a trade for building a deck for someone he knew.

Bob Baker show Bob Baker show Bob Baker show Bob Baker show
Camping at Dos Picos in Southern California in March 02. The space inside the trailer is amazing. The only problem I experienced was the rain as the canvas hasn't been treated in a long time and leaked quite bad.

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