My 2nd Unknown Tear Drop
Update May 2008
Upon inspection of the wheel assembly, there is a what I thought was a clamp on either side bolted to the wheel assembly arm. When I unbolted the it from the arms, I noticed an identification plate on each one. The plate reads SealMaster, Stephens-Adamson Mfg. Co., Aurora Ill


The Story
Craig Harkey sent me the email link to the this little trailer in February of 2004  (These are the 4 pics included in the auction).  This trailer was very intriguing, because as you will see, not only is it uncommon because of it's tear drop shape, but it also has a 2 burner stove inside the back door.  Notice the small little gas tank on the front of the trailer. I'm assuming the tank is propane, but until I actually get into the tear down phase, I won't know for sure.  The other day, I slipped a 2 X 4 under the bottom shelf and to even things out a bit and the drawer the burners are in slid pretty well in and out.  This will be a cool trailer. 

When I first saw the auction, I didn't bid right away, because I wanted to make sure I could get it home first.  It was located up in Northern California, not far from where I grew up, But I wasn't sure how I was going to get it home.  I called my old friend Mark, (see the '67 bug page) if he could help me out.  While Mark was more than willing, he doesn't own a truck and would have trouble getting it too his house and storing it for a length of time until I could get there to pick the trailer up.  I also called Keith, my step dad, who is a salesman up in the area and owns a truck.  So I got the whole thing arranged with him if I won.  Well the trailer wasn't advertised as a single wheel or even a one wheel trailer so I was either the only one who had found it, or the only one who cared about it.  Either way, I won and at a good price.  I arranged the pickup with Keith and seller got the trailer moved to Keith's warehouse.  About a month later, Shelly and I planned our trip to go get the little guy and visit with friends and family.  We were planning on leaving Friday morning, but we found another auction we couldn't pass up on.  (See the 63 Mini Cooper page.)  Most of the trip is described there so I won't retell the story here, but the trailer is home safe now with the Mini and all the other toys in our stable. The trailer is in great shape, with only a couple minor dents and dings in the aluminum and has a label on it of "Bud's Trailers". The suspension is the standard as of yet unknown leaf spring. I haven't compared it side by side the my leaf spring box trailer, but at first look they are extremely similar.

Here are the Pics of the trailer I took when we picked it up.

Here are the Pics of the trailer and the Mini Cooper that my poor little Nissan had to tow home.

The Specs

Here is the Ebay ad below:

1960 (?) teardrop trailer
Vehicle Description


I am listing this item for a friend who is moving soon and does not have a computer. Please email me with questions or call the owner (George -- ###-###-####)
This is an older (1960 ??) teardrop trailer that has a bumper style mount and a single wheel & leaf spring underneath. It has 2 compartments with doors. The rear compartment has a pull-out stove (that needs work). The outside sheetmetal is straight and in good condition but the wood needs work (especially in the rear compartment). The owner does not have any paperwork for this trailer.
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