1960 Double Cab Pickup

These two pictures are from when the guy I bought it from, Dave, bought it. This is how it looked when he got it. It appareantly came out of somewhere in Los Angeles. He bought it and started stripping all the paint off it. He also removed the second fuel tank and the 50 or so feet of copper tubing that ran to a switch next to the driver and back. The paint in these pictures doesn't look to bad, but it is and Electric Blue Metalic color. You can see the difference between it and the Dove Blue on the gates.

These are pics that were in the ad on The Samba. Unlike most of the other people interested in it, I dug the fact that the bottom half was down to bare metal. This just meant I knew where all the dents and rust were right up front and I wouldn't have to strip the paint down over a good protion of the bus as it was already done.

These were the pics that Dave sent me for more detail on the current condition of the vehicle since the ad photos had been taken. He had a buddy weld in the rear wheel arches, but he did a horrible job so those are going to have to come out again.


Here are the pictures when we met with Dave to pick up the truck. Take a look at the meets in the back. Because it was lowered I had to deflate them to get them off. I was really pleased with the condition of the body as it had very little rust. Yeah the vents are cut out of both sides, but it came with replacements, and the hole in front of the gas tank was a second gas tank that Dave had removed.

This is Dave's new Dove Blue Double cab with the grey BRM's. Nice!!

Stopped off to get a little food and check everything out before the drive back to No. Cal. I loved looking through the rear view mirror and seeing the split window.

After shooting the bottom with an epoxy primer to cover up the bare metal, my wife and I drove it up to the Return of Bugin in April 2005. We met my Nor. Cal photographer and great friend Mark with his new '61 Double cab he picked up that weekend. Mark brought down one of my other long time friends, Jimmy, who is a car nut at heart, but won't sack up and pickup a project. Our group of friends works on torment and abuse so I have to throw in the jab.

Currently I'm having a new tranny built by Pat from ITS. He has built a large number of trannys for members in SV2's. He also helped me rebearing the tranny in our camper a few years back. The current has had a leak I couldn't straighten out so I'm going to put a new tranny in, and then get Pat to help me with this tranny. At which point it will go in the Panel.

Here are some of the possible plans. I'm really leaning toward one of these three options. The orange will be the Ford Harley Davidson orange. The blue is the stock Dove Blue that is so popular for these trucks and the red is the stock red. While the dove blue is the most popular color for these trucks, besides a VW show, how often do you see a Double cab. I used BusSelecta.com for the initial image and then edited it a little to put in the rear safari and black roof on the orange option.

Using cloth bicycle handlebar wrap, I wrapped my old, cracked, crusty steering wheel in a diamond pattern that came out real nice.
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