One of a Kind

With the popularity of Single Wheel Trailers over the years a few very handy intelligent individuals have taken on the task and created there own. This page is devoted to trailers built on a one of a kind, home built basis. If you have built a trailer, please send me an email and tell your story and we will add it here for the rest of the world to admire your ingenuity and mechanical prowess.
Hi, just thought l would drop by and show the unit l designed and built. Having first spent a small fortune on top box and pannier system for the Busa to enable us to go 2 up on a camping trip to the Dutch TT, that trip was hard work! The Busa being a wide ass bike in the first place without the panniers was a nightmare to slide through traffic and with that, we were still restricted it what we could carry! l decided for next time another solution was needed to enable us to go camping in comfort. Having mulled through the web l decided to build this trailer, there are already some very good units built ready for sale, but l wanted something that could take a good load and still be no wider than the bike give me a maximum capacity, all inside the rules and regs and able to store in the corner of the garage when not needed. This an all aluminium frame with roller bearing on all the pivot points. tow hitch through the axle fitting is at the moment a straight bolt nut and split pin affair, it takes a bit of hooking up, but its solid, only takes 3 min to break off. The wheel a 13", was found on the great Ebay off a Piaggio scooter, rear shock is an air affair with full control of compression and rebound, electrics and final fitting was not a problem being a Electrical fitter by trade anyway. Capacity of the trailer is around of 300lts all carried low down. As for towing you just do not know its there, and its been up to some silly speeds l mean silly!! We now carry in 2no 120lt tote bags, table, chairs and a 3man tent with winter sleeping bags and a double blow up bed! Mods in the pipe line are for it to have it's own support legs so that it converts into an additional table unit on the camp site. The unit draws a lot of attention from the touring bikers, some frown other stand in disbelief and want to know more lol. One thing is for sure it works and it work fine. As for restricting the bike speed, we went this year to the Dutch TT with the trailer, on the way back we encountered strong cross winds on the motorway my mates on the BMW GS 1200 loaded solo with camping gear could not keep pace with the Busa 2 up with trailer, the unit was solid and stable. Latest trip F1 in Belgium 200 miles covered in under 3 hrs enough said. Regards Chris
Homemade one wheeled trailer. I built this trailer so my wife and I can take long tent camping trips. It has a 12 alum. Trailer wheel with a scooter tire, it has a Honda Shadow 750 shock with the chrome cans cut off. I used a boat universal joint for the pivot and a homemade hitch system I built. If I choose not to pull my trailer I built an ice chest rack that attaches to the same hitch set up. My trailer basket is 20 x 48 to accommodate my rolling cargo box and my ice chest. It also has a center stand type kickstand I fabbed. The fender is an ultra classic front fender bobbed and I used the fender bumper for my swing up handle to move the trailer around. Trailer is legally registered in Louisiana. I have near future plans to make a rack insert to hold two mountain bikes with the wheels off and placed between them, this will fit in the basket but the bike would have to hold necessities.
Homemade Single wheel trailer: Gentlemen, after meeting a fellow rider towing a uni-go trailer I decided to build my own. There are not a lot of one wheel touring trailers offered in the U.S. The ones that are, can be quite pricey. So the decision was more out of economics than availability to build my own. I studied your site and decided on a course of action. First a tire and wheel . A 8" wheel from Go-Cart supply, and a tire to match. From there a swing arm was needed. One off a Honda dirt bike came in quite handy as well as the matching adjustable shock. The frame is made from mandrel bent schedule 80 1" pipe, and 2" angle iron for cross supports. The trunk is a plastic foot locker from Walmart ($18.00), which has kept my gear dry quite nicely. Total cost is around $300.00 which includes the price of the hydraulic pipe bender, and the homemade hitch. Keep riding!
Found this on EBay: Honda Goldwing one uni wheel trike trailer motorcycle custom pull behind - custom bulit 2010 Trike trailer, one off mold (mold was destroyed). made to look like a gl1800 saddle bag - but just extra large version. is a one wheel - with a full, integrated factory gl1800 swing arm and wheel with a atv (adjustable)SPRING & shock. metal framed to a round pipe where the u-joint is connected to verticle reciever (comes with trailer). the empty hole pictured is for a pad lock. has lighted eagle eyes. lighted license plate (led) - kuryakan trunk. custom style spoiler (made to look like factory honda spoiler) with double led row of lights. turn signal left & right arrows at rear. spinning propeller. front & rear lower clearance lights, flag holders (goldwing style) style fake attenna's. trailer is NOT safe for a two wheel bike (trailer is not too heavy, but when your two wheel bike goes to it's kick stand, it supports the trailer weight) BUT great for a TRIKE. (honda blue paint. has some paint blisters trying to show in pictures) will need to be RE-PAINTED (color rite sell's all honda colors for paints) = to be one of a kind trailer. is made of fiberglass = heavy 32oz woven roving and epoxy resins. top lifts and seals nice with seal all the way around, heavy duty stainless hinge. carpeted inside with d-ring's at various points to secure item's. gl1800 tail lights. ring of fire on both sides of lower half's of wheel. tire tread better than half. People describe me as a unique person. (when i build a trailer car or a boat ,motorcyles or whatever). So, I built this to be a one of a kind, no title,i was going to title it as homemade in texas, but you can get a homebuilt title your state.
Found this on Craigslist: Single Wheel Trailer - FS homemade single wheel trailer, cedar boards, lifts from side, lights, new tire, weighs almost nothing. Will hook up to regular hitch have adapter that goes with it, 4 wire lights, have carpet thats not installed....I towed it with my softtail and it was very easy and leans in the curves
Found this on Craigslist: Single Wheel Trailer - still in pretty good shape, make me an offer. I emailed the seller and he said he built the trailer. It appears to me to be an Allstate frame that has been heavily modified, with a different wheel assembly.
Found this on, while looking for info on another trailer. The caption says it is homemade and the picture had come from ebay when the trailer was sold.
Found this while surfing the internet at: William Belford Illinois Road Star Trailer. The thing on the left is recognizable to some of you as a 2004 Yamaha Road Star. However, it's the thing on the right that's getting your attention. Over the course of a year, Belford custom-made this single wheel, monoshock trailer by hand-laying fiberglass over foam, constructing the frame from square steel tubing and sourcing parts from a Yamaha scooter, Star Road Star, VW Bug (!) and Mazda RX-7 (!!) We'd say that's 365 days well spent.
Found this on Craigslist: 2008 One wheel pull behind motorcycle trailer. One wheel pull behind motorcycle trailer bought new in 2008 made locally in Hubbard Ohio. Its been pulled out west twice with no problem by a 2008 Harley Davidson street glide.
Found this listed on a classified site: 2010 Honda Gold Wing Single wheel motor cycle trailer
Homemade single wheel motorcycle trailer, 2007 Black Cherry Honda Goldwing Saddle Bag trailer with Ice Chest Included. New Shock, New Tire & Tube, Wired as 4 prong plug. Ideal for a trike. Trailer has a spring and air shock. Ice Chest is new, just painted black to look better with trailer. Trailer is titled and has a clear title in Arkansas with a VIN number. Has a landing support that is removed and flipped for travel.
Sir, I possibly have something to add to your excellent Single wheel trailer web site. Following a 2 week trip to the South of France from the Southwest of the UK I realised I had a need to carry a larger tent for myself and my pillion passenger. A search for commercially available trailers made me realise I could make something myself. Looking at all of the designs I settled on an open style trailer and began to design and build. After 5 weekends of building the attached photo shows the result. I tow this behind a Yamaha TDM 900 and it's stability suprised even myself. The rear wheel, and more importantly, the tyre is rated to 120 MPH.There is no body as I wanted the trailer to be easily stored in a small (English) garage. The intention was to carry a 4 man frame tent plus a few other items. The tent, in its carry bag, fits into a waterproof 'Carry sack' and the other items would not be affected by water. The chassis is built from 32mm resistance welded steel tube with a 2mm wall thickness and the load area is in-filled with 1 inch weldmesh. The wheel is taken from a Suzuki 125cc scooter and the rim diameter is 10 inches. The suspension unit is from a mountain bike and is adjustable for spring pre-load and rebound damping. All up weight of the trailer is around 40 kilos. The towing motorcycle has a hollow rear axle and this is fitted with a pair of bobbins to allow the fitting of the towing hoop, again made from 32mm tube. The hoop is free to move in only the vertical plane. This hoop carries a bronze bushed vertical pivot to which the trailer attaches with a steel pin. This pin is held in position using an R clip. The mudguard (sorry fender) is an aftermarket Gilera Runner (another 125cc scooter) front fender cut down to suit. UK regulations dictate that full lighting and registration plates are fitted together with GVW labels. A small 5 pin plug and socket connect the lights to the motorcycle wiring. Several of the members of a motorcycle forum are interested in purchasing one of these trailers and I am considering the supply of parts kits, for self assembly, to avoid type approval and CE marking issues. I have attached more photos showing some of the build stages. Please let me know if you need any further information. Best regards and Happy New Year. Steve Kilbey
Hi, I am a fan of your site. My MK 1.0 trailer for BMW R1200C is attached, which may interest you. Storage capacity is about 400 Litres, weight is 60 Kg. Having just completed a 2000 Km trip I now know I don't need that much space. The box is being replaced for something smaller and petrol cans are being added at the rear. Handling is sweet and stable, maximum speed is 60 mph (legal limit in UK). Best Wishes - Guy
Found this on Craigslist: Single Wheel Trailer, RV / Truck E-Z Back - The E-Z Back trailer is a Hand Made trailer built by an engineer in Wisconsin. It was designed to be pulled behind an RV, Motorhome, or a truck. It's purpose was to eliminate the hazard of not being able to see your trailer when backing or pulling it behind a larger vehicle. The single swivel wheel design allows the trailer to track on the same path as the truck or RV while backing. An added advantage of the E-Z back is to extend the bed length or your truck. A standard truck can only haul lumber or items that are just longer than the length of the box. Since the E-Z Back is anchored to the vehicle at two points and does not move, you can extend the length of materials hauled in your truck out onto the E-Z Back without danger. The E-Z back has a dual hitch system mounted to the front of the trailer as well as two standard mounting brackets for use with RV bumpers. The side rails are all removable and transform into loading ramps. Dimensions are 48"W X 64" L. Lights are included. Pictures included are with the trailer setup for towing behind a standard truck. Mounting brackets for RV, motorhome use are included. The photo with the added wheels and boards show the added supports for moving and storing the trailer while not connected to the tow vehicle.
Found this on motorcycle one wheel trailer - Homemade one wheel trailer. Ive pulled this to New Mexico and back last year with a Honda GL1100. has led lighting.
Front fork assembly of off unknown jap scooter,oil drum ,50mm box section,3mm plate, bag of nuts and bolts couple of cases of stella for inspiration,and the rest is history, sits happily at 80 mph.south sheilds to kilbarchan app190 miles 3hrs 10 mins.towed with triumph rocket 111. all the best big boab.

golf trolley wheels make it easier to move trailer when of bike sorry the pictures are a bit disjointed and not in any order,the build of this trailer took about 3 weeks working at night and weekends . i would reckon it has cost me about 140 quid it has just been hand painted for now i will probably get the chassis powder coated over the winter, and the drum sprayed up. all the best big boab
Hello. Here is some picks my self made singlewheel trailer for motorbike. Ari Niemelä.
I make diesel bikes and at the rally in Germany you see a lot of single wheel trailors mostly east German in origin. After doing a few rallies on my bikes I decided that the one wheel trailor was the way to go, its such a pain getting camping gear on the bike. The compartment is made from plywood and fiberglass, capacity 5cu ft. The wheel which is 10" mini with scooter tyre is fitted to an indespension unit which is reversed. The whole thing weighs 36kg, I would think the capacity would easily be 100kg. When it warms up I will investigate the possibility of me produceing them. regards Sam Brumby.
I found this listed on Custom Made Motorcycle Trailer - $1100 - Single-wheel white motorcycle trailer (paint is basecoat clear). 16" front wheel from Honda sport bike (tire is one year old). Box is made of strong, lightweight wood (looks and feels like fibreglass). Lockable. LED lights. Tows very well.
"I built this trailer using the front end from a 250cc Honda Spacey scooter. The Universal joint is from a 1959 Morris Oxford car, and the tail-light is from a Kawasaki GPZ250 motorcycle. Suspension is Australian made Ikon brand, and a Metzler L rated 10" tyre is fitted. The hitch is my own design, and is laser-cut and welded from stainless steel. The project took nearly a year and a half, 40 kg of body filler, and innumerable hours of sanding, shaping and sweat. It's total weight is only 40kg. The name was suggested by my partner, Wendy........because it only has one wheel!" Rob White Australia

A bit more of my story....Getting my trailer to handle involved a fair bit of trial and error. I found that as a bare rolling chassis, it handled quite OK, but I think that was due to the fact that it was so light, the bike just dragged the chassis along regardless of where it wanted to go. When I installed the fibreglass "box" and loaded it with 35kg of ballast, the trailer would "tail wag" at about 100kmh (approx. 60mph). After upgrading to an L rated tyre and exchanging the standard (and very worn) Honda shock absorbers for new Ikon units, the problem was reduced, but not cured. I talked to a few trailer builders and began to wonder if the problem could be the drawbar length. Sure enough, after adding about 10" to the drawbar, the tail wagging problem disappeared. I have now towed it at over 180kmh (a little over 110mph) with a 40kg load and it tracks really well. While I'm not in the habit of travelling at 110mph, I felt that it was important to over-engineer and test at extreme speed if I was to have confidence that it wouldn't do anything unexpected at the most inappropriate time! The only time you really even notice that it's behind the bike now is when doing really slow turns, or quick changes of direction such as a winding mountain road. Even then, as long as you change direction smoothly, it leaves the other guys towing normal trailers for dead... I've attached a few more construction photos below. Rob White
Built by Karel. Hi. I have a friend who is building a single-wheel trailer for his scooter and he sent me the link to your site. It's a fascinating site, good work! I thought that you'd like to see a couple of pictures of a home-made trailer attached to a Mobylette moped that was brought to a cyclemotor rally in northern France in June 2006. The trailer was made by my Dutch friend Karel and features the headstock of a bicycle at the front end and sprung suspension. Regards Nick D. Built by.Karel
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