Vagabond Vagabond Coach Mfg. Co.

According to a brochure I found on E-bay, the Vagabond Coach Mfg. Co. of New Hudson Michigan built a Single Wheel trailer in the midst of building one of the most collectible travel trailers today. They started manufacturing travel trailers in 1931. The Single Wheel looks to have a uniquely designed trailer box. The only info I have, thus far on this trailer is this brochure which is far to small to actually read. If you have any info or if you have this brochure, please drop me a line and tell more.
Found this brocure on E-bay, but didn't win the auction, so this is the only proof, so far, that Vagabond jumped in and built a Single Wheel trailer model. If you have any info about the Vagabond Single Wheel, please email .
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