The Swiv-L-Fold trailer was built by the NorTrail Products Co. of Norwich NY. The company was formed in July 1983 by Robert E. Hammons. Production had been planned to begin in September of 1983, but didn't actually begin until December of '83. Production crept until January 15, 1984 (Their words). A letter was sent out on April 23, 1984, soliciting more stockholders and telling of the plans for the future and their quest for more dealers. There were 47 dealers, mostly car dealers, and mostly in N.Y. and N.C. That same letter (April '84) told of plans for articles in Street Rodder Illustrated, Popular Cars, Truckin', and VW Trends. An article does appear in VW Trends, June '84, pg 86. The last letter copy is dated May 16,1984 stating the company was at a critical point in it's growth and virtual survival.

The trailer has a platform base, four detachable sides and separate top cover. The wheel can be pinned in the straight position and has front drop down legs with castors for convenient moving around. The wheel can be pinned in the straight position and has front drop down legs with castors for convenient moving around. The payload is listed at 260# with the sides and cover, and 360# for slower industrial use as a platform trailer. If you have any info on this trailer assembly, feel free to drop me a line and tell more.

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Found this on Craigslist. One Wheel Trailer - Classic one wheel enclosed utility trailer.
Greetings, I recently purchased a 1983 SWIV-L-FOLD single wheel trailer, which was made in Norwich, N.Y. for probably less than a year. Mine is number 26. I'm interested in learning of other types or makes of castor wheel trailers, photos, makes, etc. I'm planning on pulling it behind a 1930 Model A Ford. The sticker on the rear says SWIV-L-FOLD and the name NorTrail Products Co, Norwich, NY. This one bears the decal of a Ford dealer in Syracuse and was registered in nearby Liverpool, NY. All original paint which has been scraped up some. I'll need to take some attachment photos when I get it hooked up. I'm long retired and super busy, so it may be awhile, but I'm anxious. I also have a '68 Scotty that needs a little attention and a '67 COX tent camper with new canvass. I sent photos of my purchase to a dealer friend (Fletcher's Trailer Sales in Trumansburg, N.Y.) and asked about the brand and he recalled having one in stock for a long time when new. My primary interest is in pre 1931 cars. Owned by Bruce and Ginny Bruckner

Nortrail Products, 34-36 Berry St., Norwich, N.Y. was formed in July 1983, Robert E. Hammons, Pres, and planned for production to begin in September of the SWIVEL-L-FOLD trailer. Actual production began on December 1, 1983.
I posses three of then, the one pictured being from NY and is original except for the taillights having been replaced. The other two I found in Pa, one of which had never been assembled. I find them ideal for model A's. I can provide more detailed photos if you'd like. Bruce
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