Stolz Boat Trailer Stolz

Up until I got these pictures, I had only heard rumors of a trailer that you could disconnect from the car, grab an oar and catch dinner. I would really love to know how stable it is in the water. I know of another one here in the states and will track it down. According to the second picture, this trailer is manufactured in Berlin. If you have any info, please let know.
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Sent to us by our Single Wheel friend Karlheinz Flach. He has a single wheel site and is a trailer collecter in Germany. While we have a bit of a language barrier, we are trying to share information. His site is at He also send a stats sheet, although in German I still found it interesting.
Here ia a Stolz I saw in German behind a Goggomobil T250. Sent by Atti B.

Found these pictures on the mini-micro car museum. Pretty sure they are the same car trailer combo.
I've a new model which i haven't seen on your Homepage. I send you some pictures of my singlewheel. It's from the early sixtees. Owned by Frank.
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