PAV Unknown

We believe this to be a PAV trailer, but are making that asumption from the fender of the trailer. Ther fender appears to have the same 3 ridges as a PAV scooter trailer. The PAV trailers were manufactured in the Czech Republic, originally by "AVIA n.p". and later by "KOVOZAVODY SEMILY"by the Jawa company. Earliest examples made in the mid to late '50s, which pre-date the PAV 40. The PAV 40 debuted in approximately in 1958 or 1959. At some point the PAV 41 replaced the PAV 40 and was produced into the 70's. Pav trailers feature a 4 inch wheel and are rated to 80 Kph (about 45 Mph). The singlewheel auto trailer, the PAV 100 was also built, but up to now we are unsure when they were produced or by which company. If you have any info on this trailer assembly, feel free to drop me a line and tell more.
We did a search for the PAV 100 and found this trailer that appears to have a PAV Scooter trailer fender. All the photos here are from this website that has some amazing pictures and if we could translate Czech, we're pretty sure they have some great info also.

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