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Model: Unidentified

Montgomery Wards appears to be one of the early retailers of the Single Wheel trailers, as there are a couple examples of mid to late 40's trailers here. There were at least 2 different trailers and 3 different body styles sold by Montgomery Wards. From one of the newest entrys into this page, at least one was built by the LA Young Spring and Wire Corporation, out of Oakland Ca. The trailer with the loop spring-steel leaf spring, seen here is the Trailaway model 8. According to the plate on the wheel assembly, the trailer has a 750 lbs load capacity. While this seems to resolve the mystery of where at least one of these trailers was manufactured for Montgomery Wards, knowledge is still extremely limited and as of yet, the underlying manufacturer of the other trailer may still be unknown. It is possible that the LA Young Spring and Wire Corporation built both trailers, but there hasn't been an example of the other trailer with the LA Spring plate. If you have any info, literature or pictures of any other Montgomery Wards trailers drop a line and tell me about it.  
I found your sight from Vintage Vacations' website and I am stoked to see all the SW trailers on your site. I just bought what I think is an old Montgomery Ward trailer and I need the bumper brackets/hitches to attatch it to my VW. I drive a 65 Notch and have looked everywhere for the bumper hitches like the ones at the bottom of your home page on the bug. Do you know where to get them? I will send you pics of my trailer to add to your archive this week after I get them uploaded to my computer. Thanks in advance, - Jim in Seattle
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