Mono Wheel (Marville Dwyer Trailer Division)

The Mono Wheel trailer appears to be the Marville Dwyer Trailer Division venture into the single wheel trailer market. The Marville Dwyer Trailer Division is better known for their tear drop trailers. Possibly related is this excerpt from "Iron Age" Volume 105 - "The Dwyer Mfg. Co., Los Angeles has been incorportated with a capitol stock of $50,000 by C. Marville and M. A. Dwyer, a R. M. Gilson, to manufacture automobile parts and accessory equipment. If you have any info on this trailer assembly, feel free to drop me a line and tell more.
Found this on Mono Single Wheel Trailer. Have a mono single wheel trailer, I have not seen another of this style, great patina, not sure what year it is.
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