McCulloch Motors Corp. McCulloch Motors Corp.

In 1943 Robert Paxton McCulloch founded the McCulloch Motors Corporation in Milwaukee Wisconson. They primarily manufactured small two-stroke gasoline engines and is best known for chainsaws, even today. In 1946 they moved the company to California. In 1953 a prototype automobile, the Paxton Phoenix, was developed by Paxton Automotive, who primarily produced automotive superchargers. The 1950's saw the production of small engines for radio controlled aircraft. Was this trailer with it's light weight, snap together design similar to that of model aircraft in any way designed to fit into the Paxton Phoenix? Robert Paxton McCulloch was an inventor, but unlike most of the other trailer name sakes on this site, he is also responsible for founding Lake Havasu City, Arizona and purchasing and moving the London Bridge there. The trailer is made with alum tubes that lock together at the corners with a canvas bed. It mounts to the bumper via 2 mounting balls, weighs about 60 lbs all assembled, and breaks down pretty easily. All the tubes come apart and out of the wheel assembly and the canvas slides off the tubes. This allows the trailer to be small enough to fit in the trunk of a car. If you have any info or know about any other McCullochs let know.
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This is my McCulloch TowPac trailer. To read more about it click here.
I have a single wheel trailer that is made of alum. tubing .It comes apart with a olive green canvas that the tubes go thru to make it a small flatbed trailer. It looks Military . And looks like it was made to take apart for easy storage. My Grandfather had it hanging in his garage for the last 35 yrs.It has 2 small 1" balls that my Grandfather told me he had bolted to his bumper and the trailer has 2 small cups that fit on them with knobs you tighten with your hand. Owned by Scott Ralston
Found this ad, but it could be for the trailer just below: "54" X 42" 60 lbs This is a cool old trailer mounts to bumper in two points (2 mounting ball included) Trailer is made with alum tubes that lock together on corners with canvas bed. weighs 60 lbs all assenbled but breaks down to fit in trunk. would make great camping trailer built very good. I've had about 3 hundred pounds on it and it handled without a problem."
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