Montgomery Ward & Company Montgomery Ward & Company (Trailerette)
Model: 84FDH-8800

48" wide
53" long
11" high
65 lbs
750 lbs payload

Montgomery Ward is one of the early retailers of the Single Wheel trailers, as there are a couple examples of mid to late 40's trailers here. There were at least 2 different trailers and 3 different body styles sold by Montgomery Wards. From one of the newest entrys into this page, at least one was built by the LA Young Spring and Wire Corporation, out of Oakland Ca. The trailer with the loop spring-steel leaf spring, seen here is the Trailaway model 8. According to the plate on the wheel assembly, the trailer has a 750 lbs load capacity. While this seems to resolve the mystery of where at least one of these trailers was manufactured for Montgomery Wards, knowledge is still extremely limited and as of yet, the underlying manufacturer of the other trailer may still be unknown. It is possible that the LA Young Spring and Wire Corporation built both trailers, but there hasn't been an example of the other trailer with the LA Spring plate. If you have any info, literature or pictures of any other Montgomery Wards trailers drop a line and tell me about it.
Found this on Craigslist: one wheel trailer (grinnell) needs paint and tire
Found this on MONTGOMERY WARD DUAL WHEEL TRAILER - I have a Montgomery Wards Dual wheel trailer in pretty good condition from the 1950's. A RARE find.
I have a Montgomery Wards trailer with one wheel. It is a 1951 Trailerette Model 84FDH-8800 and is 48x53x11. When I got it, it had a dog box on it and the guy used it to transport his hunting dogs. I built a cover for it and towed it behind my Chevy van and took it from MI to AL every year at least 3 times a year and never had a problem. I have the orginal Manufacturer's statement of orgin to a motor vehicle from 1951 when the factory in Battle Creek, MI sold it to Wards. I also have the Owners Guide with the parts list on the back side and the original tag and serial no. 6370.
Found this on Craigslist: 1950´s Car Bumper Trailer w One Wheel - (Wapato, WA) Up for sale is a fairly unique trailer from the 1950's that clamps on to a car's bumper and has one "crazy wheel," that can turn in all directions. A board would have been used for the tailgate. It is quite heavy and is 14" deep, 54" wide at top, 54" long, and 48" wide at the bottom. I don't know if it was commercially made or individually made in a welding shop. This would have served a suburbanite in the fifties who didn't have a pickup but just a family car. They could hook this up and take a load to the dump, or what ever.
I have had this trailer for many years. I purchased it from a Shriner who used it to carry his little Shriner car. I paid $150 for it. There is no badge, but looking at your site, it looks most like the Montgomery Wards 61. The tub is the same as the Golden Rod and the MW 61, but the wheel assembly is the same as the MW 61. So, I tell people it is a MW61. Corey Hageman, Omaha, Nebraska
Found this on Craigslist: 1950's Montgomery Ward Trailerette Single Wheel - This is one of the coolest trailers around. I have used it for years, pulled behind my 1966 Volkswagen Bus, carrying all sorts of the needed camping equipment that was just too big for inside the bus. I don't know much of the history, but I bought this from a friend over 7 years ago who discovered it behind an elderly couple's home. The mfgr plate lists it as a Montgomery Ward & Co. Trailerette. It's very likely a model 61-8812, but the plate is quite hard to read. I have taken this particular trailer on 2 major road trips of +3500 miles. To better suit my needs and since the original extension bars were missing a platform has been added that can hold a large cooler or other stuff to the front. Jason
Found this on Craigslist: single wheel trailer - Vintage single wheel trailer, Montgomery Wards style 50-60´s era.
I have a single wheel trailer. I haven't measured it, but it appears to be about 4'x4'. It has a steel frame and steel box. It is fairly heavy, but the box could be removed and a lighter one fabricated. The tire is toast, but the mechanism seems to be fine, but could use some cleaning and lubrication as it has been sitting for quite some time. Do you have any information on such a trailer. OH, I do not have the vehicle hitch, just the trailer and it's mounting arms. Dan
Here are some pictures of my trailer. I don't know who made it, or how old it is. Don
Hi, Here are some pictures of my one wheeled trailer. I think it is a Monkey Wards. It gets used daily and I recently took it on a 300 mile trip at 70mph with no trouble at all. Feel free to use the pics on your website if you'd like. Also...some more pictures are posted at... I really enjoy your web site...Thanks! Bob Rokon World Trail-Breaker, Ranger, and Scout 2-Wheel-Drive Motorcycles
One wheel trailer. This trailer started out life as a Montgomery Ward. The frame was repaired, blasted, and powdercoated its original green color, the box is a gray/blue. Deck is aluminum tread plate. Tailgate folds down and is held in place with lox-all pins. All pivots have been refreshed, and it has a real tire and wheel on it with timkin bearings rather than the wheelbarrow style they normally come with. No goofy strap-on bumper pivots, just a plain ol' 2" reciever hitch......... plug it into ANY reciever and off you go. Has two safety chains and is wired with with a standard plug. Owned my Mr. MotorHead

I later found this listed on Ebay.  Montgomery Ward single wheel trailer Ever wanted a single wheel trailer to tow behind your classic car,but all you could find is trailer that needs a ton of work? Here's a very nice Montgomery Ward trailer that has been totally gone through with all hardware updated. The tub and frame are both powder coated,as is the wheel pivot. Bottom and tail peice are .100" aluminum tread plate. Axle is machined out of type 316 stainless steel to accept a real trailer hub with 1" shaft timkin bearings. New tire and wheel. Custom hitch was made to fit ANY 2" reciever hitch.Fold down tail gate with lox all pins to hold it in place.Wired for 4 pole universal connector with early bubble tail lights and front running light.Modest reserve,local pickup only.
Found this on The Samba. Owner believed it to be a Montegomery Wards trailer which it dows appear to be.
Found this on The Samba. one wheel trailer new tire tube homemade tub needs brackets for bumper please call with questions
Montgomery wards metal bodied single wheel trailer. newer tire in excellent condition with low miles. bearings were greased when the tire was replaced. no modification have been made to the body to mount the funky wood, it has factory stake pockets at all four corners. bed is solid. the lights are broken, but they're all just aftermarket trailer lights anyway. no lights required in the state of OR. for this trailer. no bumper brackets, but they should be easy to fab. with a little prep and paint this could be a very nice trailer. Owned by Ronnie Chase.
Found this on E-bay. "This is and old vintage trailer for volkswagons I think, helite, coffman, harris, this trailer is 54"x54" square there is no mounting hardware, it has leaf spring on it, not sure what make, there is stake pockets on the sides, looks like it was rear ended at one time but that should be an ez fix replace the one piece of anle and smooth out the tin and you got it. It's a little rusty but very restorable in my opinion." Owned by Arts Parts.
Tag states MONTGOMERY WARDS TRAILORLITE can't make out rest Found at an older couples house I was doing computer work for. Asked how much they wanted for it and was told if I wanted it I could have it. I am in need of the mounting brackets. I will try and get the paint off the tag and get you rest of the info. Owned by Bart Daugherty
The trailer had openings for, what I'm guessing to be, wood staked sides and had a tailgate at some point.  The owner was extremely attached to the trailer and wouldn't part with it, as his father had owned it. The plate in the first picture was a metal badge for Montgomery Wards. Submitted by .
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