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The Kemp trailer was built by the Kemp Manufacturing Company. If you have any info on this trailer assembly, feel free to drop me a line and tell more.
Hi I'm Don from Victoria B.C. Can. & am a new owner of a single wheel trailer. I have looked through your trailers to see one like mine & you know everyone wants to be different so why not me. I know nothing about these beasts until now. I did find a small tag on the wood box top mounted on the tub type base. It reads Kemp Manufacturing. Its light blue on bottom & brown wood top. But the hitch appears to be a swivel bar with 2 wood bumpers & a pin pointing down at the center designed to clamp to a flat plate with 2 vertical bolts. Can this be? The faq clearly showed me how these trailers mount & all the pics confirm the 2 mounting type. If you need more pics let me know. I have scowered over this thing with a fine tooth comb and am unable to find any ID nums anywhere just the man. tag. I just got ins and registered it as a home built so at least i can drive around now. Having a blast seeing the looks I'm getting as it folows my Scout 80 like a dream.Thanks Don Bellamy
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