Järn-orch Stålprodukter Järn-orch Stålprodukter (Iron and Steel Products)

"Made in Sweden in the early 1960's, it was fabricated by a company called Järn-orch Stålprodukter (Iron and Steel Products) and marketed under the name 'Transporter'. Such trailers were made from the early 1950s until 1969 and proved to be very popular. They were considered to be an accesory rather than a trailer and, as such, they were exempt from road tax. The trailer could be folded up and hung on the back of the car, its single, removable 8 inch wheel being placed inside the vehicle. It allows the owner to carry up to 300kgs. For heavy duty applications, a larger wheel was an optional extra. (Volksworld Magazine, May 1995)" This trailer has no conventinal spring suspension, only the tire. If you have any further info on this trailer make, feel free to drop me a line and tell more.
2-14-07 Received email from Sam Brodin correcting our spelling of the trailer name (Thanks Sam):
Being from Sweden I have to make a small remark regarding the spelling you have of the Järn-orch Stålproduktor (Iron and Steel Products). It should be spelled Järn-orch Stålprodukter. Your interpretation within brackets is absolutely correct. Hope you see the differences.
Found this while surfing Flickr.
I took a picture of this picture at the 2011 Classic. I believe the owner of the trailer is in California.
Randy of Randar Wheels bought this trailer and let me borrow it to do some research, attempt to identify and take some detailed pictures of it. This is an amazing trailer. Thanks Randy.
From Volksworld Magazine May 1995 issue. Conny Lindh bought his Transporter from a friend in 1994 and quickly restored it, allowing him to make full use of it throughout the show season. It has proved to be especially useful when carrying home those larger swapmeet finds. He has had no problems towing the trailer, other than on bumpy roads where the wheel can start to develop a wobble. This is a neat and practical addition to any Beetle that sees regular use as a load carrier.
A trailer that actually folds up to put in your trunk. Very old skool. Don't know much about it, except it kicks ass. Has the original tire on it. Was workin on tryin to buy it off the guy (he's in switzerland) but lost contact. I think he sold it. Owner Unknown. Submitted by Wade, check out his site http://dropgates.com. Dedicated to the restoration and preservation of your 1952-67 Single/Doublecab VW 'dropgate' truck.

Found the trailer above for sale on TheSamba.com with new pictures: Järn-orch Stålprodukter trailer. This is a rare single wheel Sweedish trailer. It is meant to fold up and sit on top of the bumper of the car. It is from the early 60's. When opened up fully it is about six feet long. The wheel is removed for storage and then just pops in when you need it.
Found this on a Renault site while surfing around.
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