Harodene Assembly Harodene

Manufactured by The Trailer-Boat Company Limited. The Harodene was sold not at as a complete trailer but rather a "Trailer Wheel Unit" that allowed the buyer to mount it easily to their trailer creations. Therefore what you were really buying was just the wheel assembly. By just providing an easy way to mount the wheel assembly, virtually anything could become a Single Wheel trailer quite easily with the Harodene. The assembly has 1/4 ton load capacity, is mounted with 4 standard 1/2" bolts, is "constructed of cold rolled steel and electro-welded for added strength. If you have any info on this wheel assembly, feel free to drop me a line and tell more.
I purchased this brochure from E-bay, so far it is the only documentation I have found of the existence of this product. If you have any info about the Harodene or the Trailer-Boat Company please email
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