Golden Rod. Golden Rod

Golden Rod trailers were manufactured by the Dutton Lainson Company. If you know anything more about the Golden Rod trailers please let so we can share with everybody.
This Golden Rod is owned by Shawn Madison. I bought it in Oregon where they don't have to have titles on trailers under a certain weight. When I took it to the DMV they asked what year it was and I guessed at 1962 even though I have no Idea, so the title says it is a 62. It is a kinda cool trailer it has a removable domed top with two doors at the back. I got the trailer with a bus I recently sold. The previous owner had the bumper welded up to accept it. My problem though is I do not like the way it looks as the two busses I tow it behind have mint bumpers in two different colors. The 63 23-window is black and the 61 flip seat is off-white. I would love to make a bumper bracket mount that doesn't interfere with the engine compartment from opening and can be removed from the bumper.
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