Erdé Erdé

The Erdé is reported to be built by a company in France. They have been building trailers since the early 1950's. If you have any info on this trailer, feel free to drop me a line and tell more.
Found this trailer in the forums on Hi all, I have an 1960´s ERDE single wheel trailer. Just wondered if anyone else has one over your side of the water? Being French, I suppose most were/do live in UK/Europe. It appears the original colour was army green. It has a farme hood " the PO has made a blue canvas cover. The bus is away being restored at the moment so I have not had a chance to work out where I'm going to mount the coupling. I really don't want to drill into my bumpers and have brakets sticking out!! I'm going to ask a fabrication shop if they can mount something to the bumper irons so the trailer will attch just below the bumper. I also plan to remove the lights,just have the old reflectors. From what I've read from the 1989 road traffic act here in UK, a trailer built before 1985 does not require lighting, providing the hauling vehicles lights can be seen whent he trailer is in line with the vehicle - cool eh!! I have tried searching on here, also tried (brilliant site) but can't get any model no.'s or production dates etc. any how,I'm currently stripping it down and will be painting it in L282 Lotus White to match my 69 bus. here is some pics before the strip down.........
hy I'am French, My English is not the best one but let me show you my Erdé one wheel trailer. Erdé is a french manufacture wich produce trailer sine 1950. My trailer was production betwen 1950 and 1960. The wheel is static, so it slips into the turns. The superior part is in fabric. If you wish of another information don't hesites. Kinds regards Olivier PERDRIX.
A visiter to the site sent me a link to a forum at where I found all of these Erdé pictures.  If you recognize yours or know more about these please let know.
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