Efflow Efflow (UK)

The following trailers were made by Efflow Developments Ltd. They are (were) located at Lower Teme Bridge, Worcester England. So far we are aware of are two different models produced by Efflow. Both were extremely unique and very well accessorized. If you you have any other info, let know.
I've just registered the trailer I bought on e-bay this week on your site. I think it is an Efflow. Do you know if this company still exist? I've attached a couple of pictures for your information. Thanks, Kerry Whindle.Surrey, England.
I have just been given a one wheel trailer that might be of interest to you it is made by EEflow developments ltd at Lower Teme Bridge Worcester England it is in fair condition for its age although I'm not sure how old it is. It has a manufacturing number on it No1312, the chassis is steel the main sides are plastic and the front and rear ends are wood it still carries the manufacturers name, the lighting is by Wypac and is in good condition, also it has a plastic molded cover for the top. I have the tow bar fittings as well. Sorry I forgot to add it is called a MONOTRAYLA odd spelling don't you think. Owned by Ray Corbett.
While surfing the net, I came across a listing with this trailer. Here is the site and description. International Register of Microcaravans "This unusual and anonymous camping trailer was found by Steve Pepper, the make is not known (know Known) but is believed to have been made in the late 'fifties or early 'sixties and originally came complete with a frame tent and cooking equipment as standard."
Owned by Alan Walton. I bought an Efflow single wheel trailer direct from the manufacturer in about 1973 and collected it myself from the factory, which if I remember correctly, was in Worcester. They produced two wheeled models also, but I was quite often in France in those days and first saw single wheel trailers over there and I was impressed with their lightness and lack of reversing problems. The model I bought must have been a later development of the one pictured on your site. Mine has higher sides, the cover frame is assembled differently and the two main frame legs are extended beyond the rear lights so the trailer can be stored on it's rear end without damage to the lights.
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