Big-Boot Luggage Carrier Big-Boot Luggage Carrier

The Big-Boot (Big-Trunk) Luggage Carrier was built by a husband and wife partnership in Victoria, Australia. 400-500 of these fiberglass box trailers were built and sold in for around $400. On a special request basis, the trailers fiberglass was died in the manufacturing process for special colors. The box itself is about 1 meter (3.25ft) square by 20" tall with a removable lid (not hinged). The wheel is positioned behind the trailer instead of underneath as seen in the picture above, and with a max load of 100kg (220lbs), the center of gravity is as much on the car as the trailer wheel itself. Of the 400-500 produced in Austraila, a few made it to the US, Japan, Iran and Europe. These trailers may been produced in the 80's. If you have any info, literature or pictures of your Big-Boot send them to so we can share with everybody.
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My friend has a Big Boot. In good condition and lights work. Ron
Diane and Tom sent me the link to the Ebay add for their Big Boot trailer: Vintage Retro BIG BOOT LUGGAGE TRAILER Camper CAMPING Veteran ONE WHEEL Australian owned and made in Shepparton, Victoria. Impossible to jack-knife so reversing is never a problem. Features: •Fully Galvanised Chassis •Fibreglass Top with Lockable Lid •Rain and Dust Proof, no Creepy Crawlies •Size is 1000 x 1000 x 400 deep •Overall length 1600 •All lights work, fully checked •New Wheel Bearing •Lid is fully removable, so accessible from all sides •100kg weight limit on the road •One wheel, 8 x 400. Can be towed by the smallest car or Vintage, Veteran Vehicle. Easy to handle when not in use. Stands on end, Free standing.
Was sent this by Ryan Mischkulnig: Hi, I thought you might like this for your site. It's an Aussie built Big-Boot but colour coded and stickered for Porsche, perhaps they were sold through dealerships at some point? He found it on ebay: Trailer Very Good Condition. Good Fiberglass Box. 1m x1m Wide x 400mm Deep. Locking Top Lid. Piviting Rear Wheel. Not Sure If Tail Lights Work.
Found this on ebay: Mini Trailer, "Big Boot", single-wheel. 100 kg capacity gives your small car a giant water-proof boot. Extremely easy to reverse. Tire is near new. Spare wheel bearing included.
Owned by Brad Calvert. I'm in australia, and have a locally made one-wheeled trailer, called "Big-Boot Luggage Carrier" (Boot = US trunk). I bought it about a year ago (2000) at a garage sale for $A170 = $US80, it's in VGC.  I'd never seen one like it before. I'd never seen one like it before, then just a few months later I met someone who has one the same, he says he bought it new in 1980, (for areound $500). [Which Brad is going to send us pics of soon...I hope!!]
Owned by Barry Hamm. I'll send you some pictures and more detail later but for the moment. The "Big Boot" or Big Trunk in American were made in Victoria, Australia up until the 1980's.

It's taken me awhile but here are some more pictures of my trailer.
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