Dana's Atlas. Atlas?? Dimensions     
6'6" inside length
180 lbs

The trailer is about 6 ft 6 inches wieghs 180 lbs and has enough room to sleep two.  Little is known about this trailer. At this point, the "Atlas" name can't even be confirmed for sure. This is the first teardrop single wheel I've seen that is big enough to sleep in. If you have any info on the Atlas trailers let know so we can share with everybody.
Owned by Dana and Ellen attached to Roscoe's bus. These photos were sent to me by Chris Fish, photographer for SV2's. Dana says the trailer has slept him and his dog quite comfortably on a couple of occasions. Dana is unable to confirm the name on the trailer for sure as the original owner is still unknown.

the trailer is registered as a 59 Atlas.It does have an emblem affixed next to the license plate but no other info is known. Damon from Stockton found it originally about 10+ years ago on the side of some old mans house and got it back on the road. Sean(S.F.)had it next. He told me that he re-welded the frame and replaced the floor. I've owned it now for about 6 years. It's 6'6" on the inside and sleeps two comfortably. At on point I spent 6 weeks in it while completely remodeling a clients house. Came with a spare caster for the option of two wheels. The trailer weighs 180# and has "feet" that attach to the rear so that you can stand it on end and lean it up against a wall.The aluminum shell is crafted from aluminum with flush rivets. Am looking for a pair of bumper clamps to be able to tow behind one of my bugs. The casters do have patent # 's if anyone is interested in looking into. Happy trails! Dana Miller
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