Allstate Wood Box 2 Sears, Roebuck & Company (Allstate) 2nd Wood box Trailer

Sears, Roebuck and Company sold many products under the Allstate name. Thus far 2 different models of the Sears (Allstate) Wood Box trailers have been discovered. It had been thought that the tear drop wood pieces up top were added but after seeing 2 trailers with the same upright it appears that they were part of the original trailer. It should also be mentioned that the upper piece also resembles the shape of the inset on the most popular Allstate trailer. The wheel assembly used is the same as the other Allstate models, except for the Allstate Box trailer. The wood base of the trailer is the same tongue and grove design as the other Allstate wood box trailer. Take a look at the Vintage literature and read the description given on the various Sears Catalog ads. The dates of manufacturing are fairly unclear and an exact date my never really be known, but I have heard of a late '40's frame and know they were sold through the '60's. If you have any info or literature or pictures of your Allstate sent them to .


From what we understand there is supposed to be a hard felt or grease injected plastic wafer. One of our wheel assemblies had this wafer and it is about 1/8 inch thick. Hope that helps.
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Found this on Ebay: Allstate Single Wheel Trailer. This is an one wheel pull behind trailer Model 231-508 is 54 inches long 42 inches wide and 9 3/4 inches deep. The serial number is 30265. It was produced by Sears & Roebuck Co. I believe it was produced in the 1940s and 1950s. This trailer is in good condition. Some of the paint lettering for Allstate is fading and going. One of the tail lights is crack with a ding in it. It has its original wiring and original lights. A small piece of one of the boards is cracked. Look at the pictures for this. I purchased this vehicle at an estate auction. I do not have the title to it.
We found this while surfing the net at These pictures were taken back when Brett owned the Titanic (VW singlecab).

While cleaning out my camera, I found these pictures from SV2's Famielenfest 2010.

I met Brett at the 2010 Bob Baker SV2's show when he showed up with his trailer in the back of the "Titanic". This trailer was proof that these Allstate Wood trailers are a different model than the wood box trailer.

These were the pictures I took from the Bob Baker 2010 show. Note the tongue and groove wood planks used on the floor. This is the same configuration as the other model of Allstate wood trailers. The blue on the frame is a great repaint on the frame, while the paint on the base appears to be original. Looking close at the tailgate, the original ALLSTATE paint can be seen.
Here are some shots of the trailor with the notch. It looks like Ill have to move the tail pipe over 3 in to make it all fit. If I dont then the left side mount will have to go around the pipe and below it. This would also cause a forward rake to the trailor which is unacceptable. The trailor is overall in great shape. It even has the original tire thats in excelent shape! Original because it says Allstate on it. I plan to modify the car, restore the trailor then drive it around. Oh I found my black and gold trailor Cali plate to register it with and its als got a plate on the back with Washington reg. info on it. To Cool!
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