Other Allstate models Other Allstate models

We are finding a lot of different trailers that were sold under the Allstate name/label by Sears, so we have decided to seperate them.  This page will also include the 2 wheel Allstate trailers that used the same boxes as the single wheel model.  If you have any info on any of these trailer models, feel free to drop me a line and tell more.
The trailer is assembled except for the tongues. They need to be bolted on. Also it turns out to be a Trailcar (of Chicago and Oakland) as you can see in the pics. Hi, I have (i beleive) an AllState Singlewheel trailer in Minneapolis, MN. It has a new tire w/ split (2 pc) rim. fresh bearing repack. Only needs tongues mounted to haul. I grabbed the pic from your gallery, but I think it is of my actual trailer (due to the fact that the ball hitches are 2 different styles just like mine, and body seems to be identical). I bought the trailer in Eau Claire, WI a few years ago. Thanks for your help. Owned by Tristan Henderson Further Performance
This is an Allstate one wheel that I bought on ebay last week. I do not know much about it except that I am the 4th owner and the decals are OG. The registration says that it is a 1964. It also came with the orginal bumper brackets.  Submitted by George Johnson
Found this on http://thesamba.com in the for sale area. Has been sold.
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