CarGo by Agri-Fab

In 1936 a company named Community Industries was created to provide steady employment to the community of Sullivan Illinois during the great depression. While the grass roots of the company were established in 1936, in 1975 things were restructured when after the doors were closed, a few individuals pooled their resources and reopened the doors establishing a new company. Agri-Fab built the CarGo single wheel trailer for 2 years in 1980 to 81, but less than 100 of them were sold. They also sold a 2 wheel version which was more popular. It's possible that only around 25 single wheel trailers were actually produced. If you have any info, literature or pictures of the CarGo single wheel, please send them to .
I'll send you some shots--Can't say if GemTop made the top. No labels, a little different shape, etc. Bought the used trailer in the mid '80's, used it for years with the trailer 'hitch' set up (an angle-iron bolted underneath the bumper, and locking 'hooks') Sold it last year to a friend who immediately saw a solution: he had a welder adapt my angle-iron to fit a Type II hitch--GENIUS! The top (not fiberglass, couldn't have it repaired) has detiorated over time, but it's still usable. Tire and rim easily replaceable if needed with a stock unit at WalMart. Pics attached...with new hitch set up, but you can still see how it was original. Hi--this looks similar to ours (with the coil spring suspension), which is ironically not listed on your site. It's a "CarGo" manufactured by Agri-Fab, of Sullivan, Illinois; I don't know how old it is; they no longer manufacture these. Ours has a factory decal on it with the info. We bought ours used over 20 years ago. I'll try to get some pics to you. My thoughts on the Gem Top is that they are well-known for making Truck Toppers, and I wonder if that one at your site might not be a CarGo with a GemTop replacement car-top-type carrier. Possible? great site; glad to know these are still a valid product--we love ours. SK
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